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This ABC glossary consists of an alphabetical list of the overview in this website with an icon marked text, words, names, or photos. By clicking on the icon you are immediately led to more background information, explanation, justification, and/or source on the linked item.

Here you will also find direct links to (Dutch) Companies that use Caterpillar equipment, OEM Manufacturers, Scale model Manufacturers, Events & Shows, Fan Sites, Custom scale model builders, Forums and (online) Scale model shops.



Padfoot drums offer superior performance when compacting cohesive and semi-cohesive materials. The drum features pads arranged in a chevron pattern.


PhotosTP is a very active French-speaking forum for earthmoving and construction equipment. "..TP" is the French abbreviation for: Travaux Publics, freely translated into Englisch: public works. Over 10,074 members, more then 436,824 messages across 10,669 topics. Clearly divided into numerous forum sections you will not easily bored here and find tons of photos and information about Caterpillar equipement and scale models.

Pipeline Machinery International (PLM)

PipeLine Machinery International (PLM), the first Caterpillar dealership without geographic borders, provides equipment support to the mainline pipeline construction industry operating around the globe. From renting a Pipelayer, to providing the latest technologies revolutionizing the safety and efficiency on your project, buying multiple spreads of equipment, PLM is here to provide solutions for pipeline customers.

PO Miniatuurbouw

PO Miniatuurbouw was founded by Paul Ogier, a passionate modeller specialized in 3D design from the Netherlands.

PO Miniatuurbouw offers a growing range of 3D printed Agriculture (1:32th scale) and Earthmoving (1:50th scale) kits and parts manufactured according to your specifications in order to build the most beautiful custom models. Interested? Connect via PO Miniatuurbouw on Facebook.

Power Parade

In 1955, Caterpillar dealers were invited to the first Worldwide Dealer Meeting in 20 years, which featured “The Big Parade.” This particular show was the largest equipment show in the history of the Earthmoving industry and was so impactful it inspired Caterpillar to celebrate, entertain and educate Caterpillar employees and their families in what became known as the “Power Parade.”

Caterpillar held its inaugural Power Parade at Marquette Heights, Illinois, in 1964 and later at Edwards, Illinois both in the USA, in 1973, 1978, 1988 and 2000. These expositions showcased the new Caterpillar product line, as well as the skills of the equipment’s operators. Each Power Parade contained up to 28 shows over a two-week period and more than 100,000 people attended.