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This ABC glossary consists of an alphabetical list of the overview in this website with an icon marked text, words, names, or photos. By clicking on the icon you are immediately led to more background information, explanation, justification, and/or source on the linked item.

Here you will also find direct links to (Dutch) Companies that use Caterpillar equipment, OEM Manufacturers, Scale model Manufacturers, Events & Shows, Fan Sites, Custom scale model builders, Forums and (online) Scale model shops.



Haulmax a brand within Elphinstone Pty Ltd, based in Tasmania, Australia. The preferred name in extended distance Off-Highway Haulage, provides a purpose built OEM product using Caterpillar components with inherent mining application design which offers cost effective haulage solutions over long distances in rough terrain applications. Therefore PoweredbyCat!


HCEA is the abbreviation for The Historical Construction Equipment Association. The HCEA is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving for public education the history of the construction, dredging and surface mining equipment industries.

Heavy Equipment Forums

Heavy Equipment Forums is the intent to offer professionals of the heavy equipment industry a forum and a comfortable enjoyable environment in which to exchange ideas, questions, answers and comments regarding heavy equipment and related topics. More than 88,911 members good for 1,041,602 messages in 90,056 discussions are busy within the HET. Anyone involved in any aspect, including Caterpillar, of the heavy equipment industry is encouraged to register and participate.

Hermann Müller Modellbau

Hermann Müller Modellbau was a German custom scalemodel builder he produced unique handmade construction equipment and worktools in 1:50th scale in short runs.


HIGRO is Dutch and stands for HIstorisch GROndverzet which can be translated to "Historical Earthmoving" and is a anually held Event in Schaijk, The Netherlands.

Huub van Dijk

Huub van Dijk is the man in charge of the Dutch websites Bouwmachinesvantoen and Bouwmachinesvannu. Loads of photos waiting for you.


Hydex Solutions Ltd,  founded in 1970 and HQ based in the United Kingdom, is a  global leader in specialised application solutions for mining and construction equipment. Their motto: "TODAY’S ANSWERS, TOMORROW’S TECHNOLOGY"  As OEM they have a broad product range which is based on a Caterpillar Articulated Trucks. 


HZC is the abbreviation for Het Zwarte Corps