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Caterpillar D7G sa - Ad Gevers

12 December 2022

Custom scale model builder Ad Gevers has recently started his next project of building his

Caterpillar D7G sa Tractor

It is our goal for the coming period in this Making-of Caterpillar D7G sa  Tractor to show how this custom model will be achieved.

As a basis for this project Ad uses as donor the Caterpillar D7G Medium Dozer in 1:48th scale. This scale model was released in 2020 in two limited editions of 500 pieces each by Classic Construction Models (CCM) in their High Precision Diecast Series.

Ad shares his building skills through the photos with little notes guiding us in the construction process. Gradually it shows the making of a unique model by using the donor Caterpillar D7G  from CCM in 1:48th scale to create his one of kind Caterpillar D7G sa Tractor.

Enjoy reading & watching!

Ad and Wouter

The Kickoff

Ad starts building his Caterpillar D7G sa Tractor by making the Swinging Drawbar that should not be missing on a "SA" machine. Of course Ad built the Swinging Drawbar himself of brass material from scratch and made it working!!

The Tracks

Ad thought the tracks of CCM's original Caterpillar D7G Dozer were a bit too coarse. So self-made track shoes were mounted.

The undercarriage

Ad then discovered that on CCM's original Caterpillar D7G Dozer there are seven under rollers mounted under the model and the Caterpillar D7G sa Tractor only has six.

Therefore, of course, the lower rollers have been adjusted from seven to six on each side.

Then a new running wheel and the necessary top rollers made of brass material for both sides.

The sprocket wheel had a lot of play, so there was a fitting ring made of brass material.

Just to show the difference between the old (existing CCM) undercarriage and track shoes and the completely modified self built new undercarriage and track shoes.

A lot of work!! But now a completely true-to-life undercarriage for the Caterpillar D7G sa Tractor.

During the removal of the paint, the Tensioning device of the running wheel broke, so of course two new tensioning devices and also a Track guide had to be made.

To be continued....

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