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Caterpillar D6R LGP Dozer "Snijder" - Ad Gevers

4 August 2023

In this "Making-of Caterpillar D6R LGP Dozer" we will show how this custom model will be achieved.

Ad shares his building skills through the photos with little notes guiding us in the construction process. Gradually it shows the making of a unique model by using the donor Caterpillar D6H Dozer from Conrad and a D6R LGP Dozer from Tonkin Replicas in 1:50th scale to create his one of kind Caterpillar D6R LGP Dozer from company Snijder in The Netherlands.

Enjoy reading & watching!

Ad and Wouter

What preceded

A long time ago, Ad built a custom Caterpillar D6R LGP Dozer in 1:50th scale based on a donor Caterpillar D6H Dozer from Conrad. 

When Tonkin Replicas released their Caterpillar D6R XL Dozer in 2015, the moment came when Ad took a critical look at his "R" version in the display case. Conclusion: His custom with the Conrad model as donor was just too wide!

Ad got the final inspiration when he saw the photo of this special dozer from the Snijder company on the website of Bouwmachinesvannu. Their Caterpillar D6R LGP Dozer has been raised for work on the wet dump on the beach. Only one machine was built in this version.  All things considered simple choice: New project!

Snijder is a family owned company that specializes in hiring out (Caterpillar) earthmoving equipment and concomitant technical services, operating both with The Netherlands and abroad. The projects are prepared and managed from our head office in Hoorn, The Netherlands.

The Kickoff

After the decision to build a new custom Caterpillar D6R LGP Dozer in the "Snijder" company version, the old conversion was first demolished. And then started again with the donor "XL" undercarriages to make the correct D6R LGP version.

The undercarriage

The mounting for undercarriages is made on the frame of the Tonkin Replicas D6R XL.

Ad made the elevation plates from brass material as they were also made on the 1:1 Caterpillar D6R LGP machine of the Snijder company.

The result speaks for itself: Clearly visible height difference!!

The Tracks

Ad used the metal tracks from Norscot's Caterpillar 587T Pipelayer as a donor for his D6R LGP tracks. These tracks of the 587T in scale 1:50 are 17mm wide which corresponds to 85cm plates in 1:1.







The engine hatch

The older Caterpillar D6R Dozers have a flat engine hatch. The donor model does not, so Ad made a new engine hatch out of brass. But of course with a cut-out because the lock had to remain visible.

The lifting cylinders

Ad also made two new lifting cylinders for the dozer blade from brass material, because the mounting point on the Caterpillar D6 LGP dozer is positioned much higher than on the D6 XL machines.

The hoses

The photo below shows how the hydraulic hoses are mounted correctly under the hood.

The Dozer Blade

Using numerous parts from the "junk bin" (in Dutch: "rommelbak"), Ad makes the desired adjustments to the dozer blade for the Caterpillar D6R LGP: custom bottom edge and sides!

Mounting lift cylinders

After making the (extended) lift cylinders and the adjustments to the dozer blade, the lift cylinders can be attached to the dozer blade so that the blade can actually move up and down.

Details dozer blade

Of course the dozer blade of the 1:50th scale model should resemble the 1:1 thCaterpillar D6R LGP Dozer in the Dutch "Snijder" version as realistically as possible. Ad pays attention to the smallest things and fabricates the missing details himself.

The finishing Touch

Finally, all parts are made and installed, which once assembled and painted distinguish this scale model from a standard scale model.

Ad himself calls it the "little stuff", which ultimately makes the difference in detailing such as the handles, steps, work lights, filters, fuel cap and so on. Find the differences and enjoy!

Keep following us for the final Update!

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