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Caterpillar 950M Wheel Loader

Caterpillar 950M Wheel Loader
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The Caterpillar 950M Wheel Loader in 1:50th scale was released by Diecast Masters in 2017 with #85914.

Presented in the “High Line Series Packaging Collectible”, full-color printed metal box, including machine photos and technical specifications.

The Caterpillar 950M Wheel Loader from Diecast Masters in 1:50th scale has a number of subtle casting changes over the previous "K" Series model which was first released by Tonkin Replicas. The most noticeable difference is the toothed black bucket which has a slight angular cutting edge and is fitted to a Fusion quick coupler, which is adding more value for money and allowing the collector to attach another Caterpillar Work Tool!  

The counterweight on the 950M model is a little different to that of the "K" Series and there are some subtle changes to the cabin. The rear engine compartment side grills are printed instead of perforated in the diecast metal.

The rear of the 950M has a new design that incorporates rear facing lights and a safety camera. The radiator grill has a very intricate textured surface which really does look authentic. Furthermore equipped with metal safety railings and access ladders fitted to both sides of the articulating chassis.

Finishing touch are the small safety warning labels and the overall paint finish is of a high level, with painted over pin heads and crisply applied Caterpillar Logo and Markings. 

The Caterpillar 950M Wheel Loader within the Caterpillar Wheel Loader Series in scale 1:50th can now simply be ordered via at DCM Diecast & Merchandise B.V

Caterpillar 950M Wheel Loader #85914

Caterpillar 950M Wheel Loader

Caterpillar 950M-962M Wheel Loaders Specs AEHQ7345-01 (12-2014).pdf

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