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Caterpillar D8 No.8A Track-Type Tractor

Caterpillar D8 No.8A Track-Type Tractor
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The Caterpillar D8 No.8A Dozer in 1:50th scale was released by A.T.M.

The scale model Caterpillar D8 No.8A Dozer is manufactured by Art et Technique Machines. Abbreviated and better known as the A.T.M. company from France. The model is released under item number N64 under the official name: "Bulldozer a cables de 130 CV / 130 HP cable dozer".

The version of A.T.M. is very complete and consists of the Caterpillar D8 Caterpillar Tractor equipped with a Caterpillar No.8A Bulldozer (Angling Blade) at the front and a Hyster RD8 Power Control Unit with a double winch at the rear and is also equipped with an original Caterpillar Canopy Top to somewhat protect the operator against changing weather conditions.

Today, fortunately many of the old A.T.M. models are re-released. The company Engineering Model Developments (EMD) has these models in its range. The Caterpillar D8 No.8A Track-Type Tractor (1940-dozer) is a model in the EMD Series N and a built model available to order as EMDN064 using Buffalo Road Imports.

As a variation A.T.M. has also a Caterpillar D8 Industry Pusher released which is also in my collection.

Caterpillar D8 No.8A Dozer  

If you are in the possession of photos or additional background information like original (English) brochures or specsheets about the 1:1 Caterpillar D8 No.8A Track-Type Tractor I would be happy if you send your response to

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