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Caterpillar D8 Track-Type Tractor

Caterpillar D8 Track-Type Tractor
Mini specs
CHB TR-400
Closed Edition

The Caterpillar D8 in 1:50th scale was released as a kit by CHB Models.

This scale model of the Caterpillar D8 Track-Type Tractor was released by the firm CHB Models from the United States of America.

The Caterpillar D8 Track-Type Tractor scale model is made under item number TR-400 with the official designation "Caterpillar tractor KIT" and was marketed only as kit in the "O" scale series. The man behind the no longer existing firm was Mr.Charles H. Brommer, which instantly declares the name of his company CHB.

He made construction kits in a wide range in the popular American "O" scale so that the train enthusiast dioramas and landscapes could decorate with authentic tools and machinery such as saw mills and steam engines.

This building kit is also the master model and the base of the casting for the later Caterpillar D8 Track-Type Tractor by ATM and EMD.

The model is unfortunately statically, so no working tracks, but all other details of the Caterpillar D8 Track-Type Tractor make this "grand old lady" to a classic beauty.

By SierraWest Scale Models is still a part of the CHB program re-released. By clicking on the picture below, you can admire all the great photos from the O scale "Logging and Tractor repair shed" made by Brett Gallant which is created around the Caterpillar D8 Track-Type Tractor. Great stuff!!

The now posted photos come from fellow collector Ad Gevers as well as background information on this model. The Hyster winch and the Hyster logging Arch are seperate sold kits.

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