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Oshkosh MK23 MTVR Cargo Truck [ZEUS MODEL 1:48]

28 January 2024

The Oshkosh MTVR or Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement is a purpose-designed military truck for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. The MTVR entered production in 2005. It replaces the M939 and ageing M809 5-ton 6x6 trucks. The new MTVR truck offers greater mobility, payload and reliability. Over 11,000 of MTVR trucks were delivered by 2012. 

All versions of the MTVR use the same 6x6 all wheel drive configuration. The engine is located under a forward fiberglass bonnet. The roof of the cab with hinged aluminum windscreen and door frames can be folded down to reduce overall height

The MTVR can carry a payload of seven tons or up to fifteen tons driving on smoother surfaces, while simultaneously being able to tow an eleven ton load. The MTVR is highly adaptable for any cargo hauling, carrying or winching. It's wide versatility makes the MTVR an integral part of the Marine Corps logistical backbone. This vehicle is the prime mover for the M777 howitzer, troops, fuel, water and a wide variety of other equipment.

The MTVR truck can be fitted with armor protection kit or armed with a 12.7-mm or 7.62-mm machine gun. Armament sit in a mounted position above the cab.

The Oshkosh MK23 MTVR is powered by the Caterpillar C12 ACERT 11.9-liter turbocharged diesel engine, developing 425 hp. It has a full-time all-wheel drive. Vehicle has an independent suspension and is fitted with a central tyre inflation system. This military truck has good cross-country performance. The MTVR uses some commercially available driveline components. Some versions of the MTVR are fitted with a 9-ton capacity winch. Vehicle can be airlifted by the C-130 Hercules aircraft (with some preparation), and CH-53 helicopter.

I'm always looking for new (Poweredby) Caterpillar scale models to add to my collection. The Oshkosh MTVR variants have also been on my wish list for a number of years because these trucks are powered 1:1 by a Caterpillar diesel engine.

  • Oshkosh MK23 MTVR Cargo Truck

I recently discovered a number of different Oshkosh MTVR variants in scale 1:144; 1:87 and 1:72th on Ebay at  NT2-model friends (seller qizin_9035) from China. They are printed as 3D Kits under the name ZEUS MODEL. When I asked the seller whether these 3D kits could also be printed in scale 1:48th, the answer was positive! Interested? You can choose from different scales and different MTVR variants and order them directly on Ebay with free shipping from China.  

I have ordered the 3D kit of the Oshkosh MK23 MTVR Cargo Truck  in 1:48th scale. #EXCITING

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