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Modelshow Europe 2024 - GL3D Models

10 April 2024

Saturday March 16th, 2024 the 31st Modelshow Europe was held in the flowerauction "Plantion" nearby the city Ede in the Netherlands.

On this special exhibition one could see all kinds of miniatures and model construction projects in the field of earthmoving, cranes and heavy transport. The Modelshow Europe exhibition still is unique by its grand design and the only one in Europe.

Many collectors and (custom) builders showed on the Modelshow Europe their (rebuilt and/or radio controlled) models. Also a wide range of miniatures and related components for the model where offered for sale. I'm sure that many people, like me (!), returned home with an empty wallet but with some new additions to their (Caterpillar) scale model collection.

Of course, Grieto, the man behind GL3D Models was also present during the Modelshow Europe 2024 showing a number of his unique 3D printed and hand-built scale models of earth-moving machines from various brands, including a number of Caterpillar excavator models such as the Caterpillar 231D LC Excavator

Curious? Click on the picture!

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