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Modelshow Europe 2024

16 March 2024

Saturday March 16th, 2024 the 31st Modelshow Europe was held in the flowerauction "Plantion" nearby the city Ede in the Netherlands. Mark your calendars and make your reservations.   

On this special exhibition one could see all kinds of miniatures and model construction projects in the field of earthmoving, cranes and heavy transport. This Modelshow Europe exhibition is unique by its grand design and the only one in Europe.

Many collectors and builders showed on the Modelshow Europe their (rebuilt and/or radio controlled) models. Also a wide range of miniatures and related components for the model which where offered for sale.

Mini Movers together with some Caterpillar collector friends during Modelshow Europe 2024 wass present in and around our booth 39-44.


Diecast Masters

Diecast Masters showed during the Modelshow Europe the long awaited next new to release Caterpillar Excavator scale models within their 1:50th scale diecast "Excavator Evolution Series":   

  • Caterpillar 225 en 323 "Next Gen" Excavator #85715

The Diecast Masters "Caterpillar Evolution Series" scale models pay a homage to the rich history and remarkable sweep of earthmoving technology, from the earliest Caterpillar Earthmoving equipment to the most recent.

Diecast Masters brings together old and new Caterpillar machine models. Along with the scale models, each package also holds a richly illustrated book that tells the evolutionary story, from the machine of the past up to its modern counterpart.

The Evolution Series models are mounted on special bases and placed in quality flip-top packaging, protected by a black outer sleeve. A full color detailed 44-page booklet, included with the scale models provided with period-accurate colors and decoration details & era-specific operators, traces machine evolution in words and pictures.

With the arrival of the Caterpillar 225 and 323 "Next Gen" Excavator Evolution Series set in Q1 2024, another span of more than fifty years of development in Caterpillar's illustrious Excavator history is perfectly portrayed.


 Gertjan showed how you can modify and convert your Diecast Masters Caterpillar scale models with 3D printed Work Tools and Attachments like Buckets, Rims, Tires and many more self-made adjustments to create a super detailed scale model!

In addition, he also had a number of custom models from CypModels in his unique Caterpillar travel case display


Within our group of Caterpillar collectors are more and more builders who built various custom versions by using a 3D printer for their custom project.

I am convinced that the 3D technology, though still in its infant shoes, and actually still unpayable for the custom scale model builder, with lighting fast speed, us as a collector will give the opportunity a specific scale model, you absolutely want to have in your collection can be designed and build for an acceptable price.

Fellow collector Cornelis from the Netherlands has already taken that step. He designs, prints and builds custom 3D printed Caterpillar models in 1:50 scale for himself. What is immediately striking is the excellent quality and high level of detail of his projects. More than worth to admire his latest models.


FanKit Models

FanKit Models did suprise us all the Prototype  of their upcoming unique custom built scale model in 1:50th scale:  

  • KRESS 200C III Coal Hauler 

This next knock out model of the KRESS 200C III Coal Hauler will be available in very limited numbers. If you are interested in this custom hand built scale model or want to pre order please make contact by e-mail to 

In addition to the Caterpillar 977L Track Loader, there were also a number of new NON Caterpillar scale models such as the KAEBLE and DEUTZ Dozers that are certainly worth showing here. (Do not tell anyone -))

Dan Models

D-Models aka Dan Models from Romania, formerly known as was present with a booth at the Modelshow Europe 2024 and presented a number of new custom in his custom Goldie Oldie Caterpillar series: 

Caterpillar DW10 with ATHEY PD-10 Side Dumper

With the release of this custom scale model of an 19fivethies Caterpillar DW10 with ATHEY PD-10 Side Dumper in 1:50th scale the line up of Golden Oldies from the Caterpillar DW10 Series replicas is still expanding.

Caterpillar DW10 (3th version)with MARTIN R3T-10 Trailer

With the release of this custom scale model of an 19fivethies Caterpillar DW10 (3th version) with MARTIN R3T-10 Trailer in 1:50th scale the line up of Golden Oldies from the Caterpillar DW10 Series replicas is still expanding. Good news: It gives you the opportunity to put a Golden Oldie Caterpillar Dozer as load on the Martin Trailer -) That will look smart in your cabinet!  Modelshow Europe Sales price 250,- euro

Caterpillar D7 RN (Cable system) Dozer with La Plant Choate R76 Blade

With the release of this custom scale model of an 19fourties Caterpillar D7 RN (Cable system) Dozer with La Plant Choate R76 Blade in 1:50th scale the line up of Golden Oldies from the Caterpillar D7 Series Dozer replicas is still expanding.

  Dan Models will be present in his booth 452!

CVS Modeltrucks

CVS (Charles van Someren) Modeltrucks was born from his passion for trucks. He was taught trucks from an early age, which means that many drivers used to visit his parents. Charles walked among them as a little boy and loved it!

Exclusively available from America, he now supplies 3D printed (Caterpillar) Attachments via his webshop under the name "3D Onderdelen Grondverzet" for scale models of Earthmoving machines in 1:50th scale.

A growing number of 3D parts and kits are available for Caterpillar Track Loader, Wheel Loader and Dozer scale models from Diecast Masters that make it possible to build a large number of machine variants yourself.

All this beauty is available via the CVS Model Trucks Webshop and can be picked up at the Swapmeetings and Events like the Modelshow Europe.

K+ Mining Models

Laster & Bagger

Daniel Wietlisbach is the man behind the team who makes Laster & Bagger, THE full color magazine for collectors of Trucks (Laster) & construction (Bagger) machine models, cranes, Trucks and heavy haulage.   The magazine is written in German. FREE detailed English translations of the main sections and features for every issue are available on the website.

You had the chance to meet him live in person and immediately take out a subscription to Laster & Bagger -)

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