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Modelshow Europe 2024 - Cornelis

2 March 2024

Upcoming Saturday March 16th, 2024 the 31st Modelshow Europe will be held in the flower auction "Plantion" nearby the city Ede in the Netherlands. It will be a BLAST!

On this special exhibition one can see all kinds of miniatures and model construction projects in the field of earthmoving, cranes and heavy transport. This Modelshow Europe exhibition is unique by its grand design and the only one in Europe.

Many collectors and builders show on the Modelshow Europe their (rebuilt and/or radio controlled) models. Also a wide range of miniatures and related components for the model which are offered for sale.

The countdown started:  The Place to be! Saturday 16th March 2024

Within our group of Caterpillar collectors are more and more builders who built various custom versions by using a 3D printer for their custom project.

I am convinced that the 3D technology, though still in its infant shoes, and actually still unpayable for the custom scale model builder, with lighting fast speed, us as a collector will give the opportunity a specific scale model, you absolutely want to have in your collection can be designed and build for an acceptable price.

Fellow collector Cornelis from the Netherlands has already taken that step. He designs, prints and builds custom 3D printed Caterpillar models in 1:50 scale for himself. What is immediately striking is the excellent quality and high level of detail of his projects. More than worth a visit and admiring his latest models.

A little sneak peek -) Curious about to his latest custom Projects? Cornelis will be  present in his  booth 187-190!

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