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Caterpillar D7 WWII Dozer [Quarter Kit 1:48]

16 January 2024

Already for a while in my collection and now finally have taken the time to post the first photo of this kit to my Caterpillar Dozer Series in my collection:

  • Caterpillar D7 WWII Armoured Dozer #GAS50123K

In 1995 Promodels / Quarter Kit, from Paris in France, started selling kits and built miniatures of military vehicles in scale 1:48 under the brand name: GASO.LINE. In addition, there also came soon dioramas and a very wide range of accessories. They also provide modifications to existing models based on Solido as kits and scale models that will be released entirely in house under the name: Master Fighter.

The man behind Promodels / Quarter Kit is called Olivier Saint-lot. Olivier speaks very little English, but in English through email communicate just fine with you if you want more information about its unique kits and scale models.

Of course, a Making-of will be started for the Caterpillar D7 WII Armoured Dozer kit. Now start by reading the construction drawing and then first prepare all parts for construction. #workinprogress

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