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Caterpillar D8T WH Dozer - Ad Gevers

22 August 2023

Custom scale model builder Ad Gevers showed us during the Modelshow Europe 2016 for the first time the finall result from his project of building in 1:50th scale of the:

  • Caterpillar D8T WH Dozer with CARON DSU Blade

In this Making-of Caterpillar D8T WH Dozer with CARON DSU Blade you will see how this custom model will be achieved.

Ad Gevers, will share his building skills through its construction photos with little notes and step by step it shows the making of a unique model of the Caterpillar D8T WH Dozer with CARON DSU Blade.

Enjoy reading & watching!

Ad and Wouter

The Kickoff

The Caterpillar D8T WH Dozer with WDA CARON DSU dozer blade & CARON SWS Tracks in 1:50 is custom built on the basis of the Caterpillar D8T Dozer made by Norscot and three exclusive kits: The resin CARON DSU Trash Blade comes from a very exclusive kit which is based on the metal Trash Blade made by Jay Roltgen and the CARON SWS metal Tracks and the Back box where both exclusive cADSttachments kits. (Sorry for those who are interested but I have to disappoint you that all three of these kits where and are not available for sale).

The CARON SWS Tracks

Ad received some Track shoes from fellow Caterpillar collector and custom builder Pietkees, which he had cast in brass.

These donor Track shoes were an excellent starting point to further adapt them to the CARON SWS Track shoes.

After Ad had adapted five individual track shoes to the CARON SWS variant, he also had these molded for himself. Excellent result:

The undercarriage

Unfortunately, as too often or almost standard with most scale models of dozers released, the lower rollers simply hang over the chain.

So Ad made extra strips in the undercarriage.

As a result, the caterpillars are now at the right height and at the same time Ad has turned a slightly larger front running wheel. You don't actually see the work that went into it, but it makes a world of difference!

The WH Storage Box

There is no Ripper attached to the back of the Caterpillar D8T WH Dozer, but a Caterpillar Storage Box mounted. Ad made the Storage Box completely from brass himself so that he also had the box cast as a kit so that other Caterpillar collectors could also make their variant for a Caterpillar D8T WH dozer. (cADStachments Kit no 53: WH Storage Box for Caterpillar D8T)

The Air Filter

Of course, Ad also replaces the existing Air Filter with an Air Filter made from brass material.

The Superstructure

Ad has always been driven to recreate the scale model as accurately as possible with an eye for details and so now a large number of adjustments and extras that should not be missing on the Caterpillar D8T WH Dozer.

It starts with the reinforced conversion for the diesel and Hydro tank.

A few mm were filed off the floor plate so that the floor plate more closely resembles reality in a 1:1 scale.

A piece of grid is placed in the Air-conditioning unit making all the differences.

All (really too thick) brackets and railings are removed from the donor Caterpillar D8T Dozer from Norscot. Logically, the mounting holes that are too large must then be filled.

Subsequently, the new brackets and railings and steps are made from brass material, bent and installed. This makes a world of difference!

With the Caterpillar D8T WH Dozer in 1:1 there is no connection between cabin and engine compartment, therefore this connection has been removed from the donor scale model and cabin and engine housing have been modified so that the small gap at the cabin is in place.

Inside the cab, Ad glued the console to the glass and installed the operator's seat from the Caterpillar D6R Dozer and installed two reinforcement beams from the ROPS for the finishing touch.

At the back (and front) of the Dozer, above the tracks, the  Striker Bars and the reinforcement at the rear running wheel are installed.

The Striker bars prevent too much sand (and therefore dirt) remaining on the tracks and Undercarriage of the Dozer while driving, which prevents extra wear on the Undercarriage.

Finally, more brackets, the exhaust, but also the fuel cap for the diesel and hydro tank and finally the lamp supports.

You can also see the Striker bars that are mounted above the tracks at the front in these photos.

The Track-Type Tractor part of the Caterpillar D8T WH Dozer is now ready...

...To be continued!

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