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Conrad Modelle HausMesse 2024

30 January - 2 February 2024

Conrad Modelle (previously Gescha) is a German manufacturer of diecast scale models primarily in 1:50 scale for use both as toys and promotional models by heavy equipment manufacturers. Conrad had the Caterpillar line of construction vehicles starting late 1960s through about 1992, but the licenses changed over to Norscot.

The customer-oriented company, whose special approach to realizing small-scale models is based both on the aspects of tradition and innovation to ensure high quality products and visible accuracy in every detail.

Christine Conrad is at the helm of the company, still supported by her father Günther Conrad – Conrad Modelle is a perfectly run family business. Keywords: Involved, Affinity with trucks and construction machines and Love for the profession are evident in the scale models they make.

This year too, Conrad Modelle held its own Conrad HausMesse at the same time as the Spielwarenmesse. The ultimate opportunity for Huub, Sander and myself to plan a visit to Kalchreuth during our mini trip to Germany.

Huub wanted to visit the Conrad Museum for the first time and Sander had a business meeting on behalf of Martens and Van Oord with Christine and Leoni from Conrad about the next new (Liebherr) scale model in the MvO company colors that will be delivered soon.

So I thought this was my opportunity to ask if it would be possible to photograph the only Caterpillar scale model made by Conrad Modelle that after 40 years is still missing from my Caterpillar collection, namely the Caterpillar D5H Dozer, so that I can at least case I could post a modest review on my website....

....but the day turned out completely differently ten expected!

When we arrived at Conrad Modelle, we were received very warmly by Leoni and before Sander went into his business meeting we had a quick cup of coffee and I was shocked to see that all the showcases were not equipped with opening doors. Oops, no pictures of the Caterpillar D5H again, it haunted my mind.

But because I was allowed to be present as an interpreter (Dolmetscher) during Sander's conversation with Christine and Leoni, I was given the opportunity afterwards to ask if she could tell me more about the Caterpillar D5H Dozer. It turned out that in addition to the Caterpillar D5H Dozer with open ROPS that is in the museum, three more variants were produced on behalf of Zeppelin Cat, the Caterpillar dealer for 1:1 machines in Germany. Not yet recovered from this news and with the prospect of even more sleepless nights ahead, Christine offered me the Caterpillar D5H Dozer with a closed cabin from her personal collection. You understand that this has made me completely silent for a moment. What a great gesture. A day never to be forgotten! #ConradModellefanforever