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Caterpillar 225-323 Excavator Evolution Series

Caterpillar 225-323 Excavator Evolution Series
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Diecast Masters
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Diecast Masters has released the first photos from the he deco sample (Under decoration approval stage of Caterpillar) of the next new to release Caterpillar Excavator scale models within their 1:50th scale diecast "Excavator Evolution Series":     

  • Caterpillar 225 en 323 "Next Gen" Excavator #85715

The Diecast Masters "Caterpillar Evolution Series" scale models pay a homage to the rich history and remarkable sweep of earthmoving technology, from the earliest Caterpillar Earthmoving equipment to the most recent.  

Diecast Masters brings together old and new Caterpillar machine models. Along with the scale models, each package also holds a richly illustrated book that tells the evolutionary story, from the machine of the past up to its modern counterpart.

The Evolution Series models are mounted on special bases and placed in quality flip-top packaging, protected by a black outer sleeve. A full color detailed 44-page booklet, included with the scale models provided with period-accurate colors and decoration details & era-specific operators, traces machine evolution in words and pictures.

Diecast Masters introduced the "Evolution Series" in 2017 with the arrival of the Caterpillar 966A and 966M Wheel Loader set. In addition, the 977D and 963K Track Loader Evolution Series set. In 2018, in addition to the Motorgrader Evolution Series set consisting of the Caterpillar No.12 & Caterpillar 12M3, the Dozer Evolution Series set consisting of the Caterpillar D7C & Caterpillar D7E Dozer was also introduced that year. The Caterpillar 769 & 770 Off Highway Truck Evolution Series set followed in 2020.

With the expected arrival of the Caterpillar 225 and 323 "Next Gen" Excavator Evolution Series set in Q1 2024, another span of more than fifty years of development in Caterpillar's illustrious Excavator history is perfectly portrayed.

Have fun with the first pictures of the Caterpillar 225 excavator prototype, which is currently still under development:

Click on the picture to download the PDF!

Caterpillar Excavator Evolution Series Diecast Masters 85715 PDF.pdf