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Caterpillar D250E II Humphrey Fuelmaster F170

Caterpillar D250E II Humphrey Fuelmaster F170
Mini specs
413.1 F170
Closed Edition

The Caterpillar D250E Series II Humphrey Fuelmaster F170 in 1:50th scale is a custom made model.

I was given the chance to buy this scale model from fellow collector (thanks Keith W.!) and saw immediately that it was a custom model I had seen years ago on a swapmeeting. But when and from whom...?

Inquiries and further research among my Caterpillar collector friends revealed that the model was made in a limited series by Dutch collector and custom builder Ben Gelijk. In fact, there is a brother scalemodel somewhere in a cabinet in Germany -).

For this custom project Ben Gelijk used as donor the Caterpillar D250E Series II Articulated Dump Truck released by NZG under #413.1 in 1995.

I'm very lucky that I can add another small (I mean the scale!) masterpiece to my Caterpillar collection.

If you are in the possession of photos or additional background information like brochures or specsheets about the 1:1 Caterpillar D250E Humphrey Fuelmaster F170 In Celtic Energy livery) I would be happy if you send your response to

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