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BouwmachinesvanToen Swapmeeting 2022

20 November 2022

Sunday, November 20th, 2022 the 1st BouwmachinevanToen Swapmeeting was held in the BouwmachinevanToen Museum nearby the city Vinkel in the Netherlands. 

It was a pleasant and small-scale swap meeting with the focus on (Caterpillar) scale models and documentation (leaflets/brochures/specsheets) about earthmoving, road construction, cranes and related (heavy haulage) transport.

Diecast Masters Europe, Custom builder Gertjan Veld and MiniMovers each manned their own booth brotherly side by side.

Enjoy watching our pictures!

Custom scale model builder Gertjan Veld of course showed a number of unique custom Caterpillar scale models from his amazing collection.

Momfer Models was present at the MiniMovers stand for the first time to show its unique scale model.

I can already share a small preview with you  ...

We are looking forward to share you the date for the 2nd BouwmachinesvanToen Swapmeeting 2023.