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Caterpillar 982M Wheel Loader

Caterpillar 982M Wheel Loader
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Medium Wheel Loaders

The Caterpillar 982M Wheel Loader in 1:50th scale was released by Norscot in 2014 with #55292.

This Caterpillar 982M Wheel Loader is Norscots successor for their earlier released Caterpillar 980K. Both versions are completely identical in terms of execution and differ only in the type markings. The Caterpillar 980K Material handling configuration is available under #55289 and the Rock version under #55296.

The Caterpillar 982M Wheel Loader is by Norscot equipped with a standard bucket that scoops and dumps and a detailed operator's compartment.Since the scale model is not equipped with a working quick coupler you can not easily add another worktool before you display the model in your cabinet.

The model has articulated steering in the Front and the Rear axle oscillates up and down. The Tires have actual tread design. Finishing touch are the realistic railings and grab bars and the authentic Caterpillar graphics. 

Caterpillar 982M Wheel Loader

The Caterpillar 982M Wheel Loader is released by Caterpillar late 2013. The new all-purpose Caterpillar 982M joins the Medium Wheel Loader program.

The Caterpillar 982M is a 2-pass match for larger on-highway trucks, but it is not restricted to aggregates and loose material re-handling. Design changes in the frames, linkage, hydraulics, horsepower and powertrain extend the application range of the Caterpillar 982M to sand and gravel and earth bank excavation and even face loading in shot rock applications.

The Caterpillar 982M has longer standard lift arms than the 980M, making it a great rail car loader due to the higher hinge pin height. With a full range of bucket sizes and types plus other available work tools, the Caterpillar 982M Wheel Loader provides a new option in this size class.

Specification highlights:

  • Caterpillar C13 EPA Tier 4 Final ACERTâ„¢ engines
  • Net Power – ISO 9249: 392hp
  • Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight: 79,829lb
  • Bucket Capacities: 6.0 yd3 - 18.3 yd3
  • Bucket pin height std/high lift): 186in.

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