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Caterpillar 966K XE Wheel Loader

Caterpillar 966K XE Wheel Loader
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The Caterpillar 966K XE in 1:50th scale is released by Tonkin Replicas in 2014 with #TR10009.

The Caterpillar 966K XE Wheel Loader scale model is made in scale 1:50. As you expect from Tonkin Replicas this magnificent model has plenty of detail and functioning parts: A working load frame with the Caterpillar "Fusion Quick Coupler", suspension and metal railing and amazing details like the tiny warning signs just like the real machine.

Because the technical difference between the 1:1 Caterpillar 966K and 966K XE versions is mainly hidden "under the skin", the two Tonkin Replica variants are basically the same besides the type designations. 

Caterpillar 966K XE Wheel Loader 

The Caterpillar 966K XE Wheel Loader is released by Caterpillar end 2012 and has an integrated Caterpillar continuously variable transmission system that delivers up to a 25 percent fuel efficiency improvement over its K Series sibling.

A hydraulic pump and motor (variator unit), allows for a smooth and continuous gear ratio change between engine speed and machine speed. Power is transmitted through the variator unit (versatile gear ratio) as well as a parallel mechanical gear path (highest efficiency). Power through the variator and mechanical paths are combined through a series of planetary gear sets in order maximize the transmission efficiency over a wide range of operating conditions. The Caterpillar 966K XE Wheel Loader has a Caterpillar C9.3 ACERT diesel engine that delivers a peak net horsepower rating of 299 horsepower. The 966K XE is designed to improve operator comfort, performance, and productivity, all while meeting Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB emission standards. The Performance Series Buckets enhance visibility and decrease cycle times.

Specification highlights:

  • Caterpillar C7 C9.3 Acert Stage IIIB (Tier 4)Engine
  • Net Power – ISO 9249: 299.0hp
  • Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight: 53,311lb
  • Bucket Capacities: 3.25 yd3-12.00 yd3
  • Transmission and speed Forward: 1-4: 4.2 – 24.9mph
  • Transmission and speed Reverse: 1-3: 4.9 – 17.4mph
  • Hydraulic Cycle Time – Total: 9.8 seconds

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