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Caterpillar 770 Off-Highway Truck

Caterpillar 770 Off-Highway Truck
Mini specs
Diecast Masters

The Caterpillar 770 Off-Highway Truck in 1:50th scale was released by Diecast Masters in 2018 with #85551c.

The Caterpillar 770 Off-Highway Truck in 1:1 th scale is equipped with a Caterpillar C15 ACERT engine delivering 476hp Net Power. The truck has a operating Weight of 157.000lb and a Body Capacity of 32.9yd3 which creates nominal Payload Class of 40 tons.

The Caterpillar 770 Off-Highway Truck is the first new Diecast Masters model to be released in their "Core Classic Series" and not in their not in the "High Line Series". In itself an interesting choice, but that is why the scalemodel, with the exception of the lack of luxury tin packaging, is certainly no less.

Like the 1:1 machine, it is the smaller version of the Caterpillar 772 Off-Highway Truck that was already released in 2009 by Norscot under #55147.

My first impression: The direct eyecatcher is, just like with its bigger brother 772, the centrally positioned cab. Other key Features of the Caterpillar 70 Off-Highway Truck are its detailed cab interior, including "Bob" the operator. Authentic Cat Machine Yellow paint and trade dress. Naturally the truck bed raises and lowers. Finishing touch are the grab bars, ladders and authentic trim detail. In one word: NICE!

If you are in the possession of photos or the hard copy original brochure or specsheet about the 1:1 770 Off-Highway Truck I would be happy if you send your response to

Caterpillar 770 Off-Highway Truck

The Caterpillar 770 Off-Highway Truck was introduced in 2006 as the replacement for the Caterpillar 769 Series. It was manufactured in the USA only. The machine is equipped with a Caterpillar C15 Engine with ACERT(TM) Technology to meet U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIa emissions regulations and delivers 476hp has a Rated Payload of 40 tons and Body Capacity of 32.9yd3, weighs 75490.0 lb and a maximum speed upto 46.5mph. Since 2016 its succesor 770G is on the market.

The 770 was given an JND or M7W serial number prefix.

Caterpillar 770 Off-Highway Truck - PDF AEHQ5723-02 (12-2007)

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