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Caterpillar 769 Off-Highway Truck

Caterpillar 769 Off-Highway Truck
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The Caterpillar 769 Off-Highway Truck in 1:48th scale was in 2010 released by CCM.

The Caterpillar 769 Off-Highway Truck was a ground breaking machine that set the course of development for all of the mining trucks produced by Caterpillar. The CCM 1:48 scale model of the truck is a tribute to its role as a product pioneer in what was a new market for Caterpillar at the time.

As is true with all CCM models, their goal was to capture as much detail as possible to make the model a true reflection of the machine. From the perforated grill and clear molded headlights to the lip of the dump bed, they are proud to say it breaks the toy quality stereotype for Caterpillar die cast models. Lifting the dump bed exposes the chromed piston rods on the three stage lift cylinders while allowing a view of the accurately modeled drive shafts, transmission, rear axle, air and hydraulic tanks.

If you imagine yourself sitting in the cab of the real truck, you could see the cab and hood of the model precisely mimic the machine’s hand laid fiberglass contours. The fuel tank with its angled back and the flat bottom dump bed make the model identifiable as being patterned after one of the earliest of “A Model” 769’s. Movable steering with operating cylinders, hinged "rock busters", flexible rubber mud flaps and silver painted exhaust all add to the models realism.

Almost hidden inside the model is the highly detailed Caterpillar diesel that powered the truck. The model is finished with appropriate paint and markings for its time.

The year was 1963 and the 769 Off-Highway Truck marked the entry of Caterpillar into the haul truck market. Although development was started in the ‘50’s, it took the testing of three prototypes before the truck was put into production. It was 25’ long, weighed 52,860 lbs empty and carried a payload of 35 tons for a gross weight of 122,860 lbs.

Although this new 769 Off-Highway Truck offered a number of advantages, the most important features for buyers were suspension, brakes and horsepower. The air-oil suspension system offered better shock absorption than conventional leaf springs and also increased stability and maneuverability.

"These 769’s take a tight right corner and smooth out a rough haul road better than any other truck I've driven. They float over bumps". Comments like that from Conrad Maynard illustrate just how well the machine was accepted when it went into the field.

Ed Janney, talking about the oil cooled disc brakes that provided a larger surface area with better stopping power, less fade and longer parts life than drum brakes: "These brakes have not only solved our brake life problem, but they have increased our carry capacity - and we're doing it with a degree of safety and control we've never had before."

With its superior suspension and braking, the Caterpillar 769 Off-Highway Truck was able to fully utilize the 400 hp provided by its Caterpillar 6 cylinder D343 diesel to give it a top speed of 41 MPH. Given its speed, agility, and smooth ride, it’s easy to see why it was the top performer in its class.

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