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Caterpillar introduced the first Caterpillar D5 in 1939, designed and produced in the United States, but the original version was built in limited numbers. Only 46 of these original dozers were ever built. The D5 series was reintroduced in 1967. It was powered by a Caterpillar D333 6-Cylinder Diesel Engine, producing 75hp. It started a Serie which lead from D5B, D5 SA, D5C (LGP), D5C Series III, D5C XL Series III, D5E,  D5G (LGP), D5G XL, D5H (LGP), D5H XL, D5M (LGP), D5M XL, D5N, D5K2 XL, D5K LGP, D5R2 XL, D5R2 LGP, D5T (Japan) Since 2021 the D5 (Next Gen) is the latest addition to the D5 series.

The D5 LGP Next Generation belongs to the Medium Dozers program and is the successor of the D6N/D5R2 and has a Caterpillar C7.1 ACERTâ„¢ Engine producing 170hp, weights 37875 lb. has Blade width of 10.7 ft and a maximum Travel speed - forward of 7.6 mph.

In addition to the D5C LPG Series III Hystat Dozer (CCM) 1:48th scale model, there are also a D5C (Joal); D5H (Conrad); D5C; D5G XL and D5K2 (Norscot) in 1:50th scale of the D5 Series Medium dozer.  Diecast Masters reissued the D5K2 in 2015 within the "High Line Series" and now the long-awaited D5 LGP Next Generation followed end 2022.  Both D5 LGP Fire Dozer and D5 XR Fire Suppression Dozer will follow in 2023. Rare and custom built are the D5 (A.I.P.E.T.H.O.A.C in resin) and D5B LGP (3D Printed) 

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