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Balderson BRAP-40 "BIG DUDE" Angle Plow

Balderson  BRAP-40 "BIG DUDE" Angle Plow
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The Balderson BRAP-40 "BIG DUDE" Angle Plow in 1:50th scale was in 2007 released by RR Models.

The scale model Caterpillar D9G with Balderson BRAP-40 "BIG DUDE" Angle Plow is custom made by Roger Renault, better known as RR Models from France.

The resin/white metal model was created and inspired as a result of the custom model of the "DOUBLE DUDE" made by custom builder Ad Gevers and realized using all the technical information and photos Ad Gevers brought back from his visit to the firm BALDERSON during his trip to America in 2001.

Today the model is as a Caterpillar D9H set re-released. The company Engineering Model Developments (EMD) has these models in its range. The Caterpillar D9H with Balderson BRAP-40 "BIG DUDE" Angle Plow and a Caterpillar D9H as towing unit are combined in a set in the EMD Series N and a built available to order as EMDN140 using Buffalo Road Imports. Sales price US $895,- and shipping.

Balderson BRAP-40 "BIG DUDE" Angle Plow

Early 70's Balderson Inc, Wamego in Kansas, Engineered and built the Balderson BRAP-40 Land Reclamation Angle Plow, better know as "BIGDUDE". It was tested and proven an outstanding new method of reclaming waste land.

The Initial approach used a 40-foot angle blade towed by a Caterpillar D9 with a 25'long 2" cable and pushed by a Caterpillar D9G. Later it was mounted on a Caterpillar D9H. The plow reduces reclamation costs and allows the waste land to be returned to productive use with greater efficiency and savings than conventional methods of moving spoil bank material.

The Plow moves up to 7000 cubic yards per hour on ridges 30 to 40 feet high, 90 to 120 feet crest to crest, and 1000 to 1500 feet long.

The BRAP-40 is 40 feet long, angled at 40 degrees, with a cutting width of 30 feet. It weights 42.000 pounds and requires an additional 20.000 pounds of counterweight.

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