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The making of...a Roli Cradle

Under the name cADSttachements appear regularly exclusive small series of KITS that allow you to add a machine variant or a unique work tool to your Caterpillar collection.


At the request of many the Roli Cradle is released in a limited edition as a kit. Because of the interest of the collectors Ad Gevers has decided to make a second and finall run. So this your last opertunity to buy this kit. Be quick to order your own kit because there are only a limited number of kits left and available.

If you want to buy the kit of the Roli Cradle check: cADSttachements

In this "making of ....Roli Cradle" you will see how this custom kit will be achieved. Ad Gevers shares his building skills through its construction photos with little notes and step by step it shows you can see how this unique kit has been created and it gives you all photos and instructions to built your own kit.

Enjoy reading, watching and perhaps building your own kit!

Ad and Wouter

The Kit



To be continued...

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