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The making of...a Caterpillar D8T WH Track-Type Tractor

Custom scale model builder Ad Gevers showed us during the Modelshow Europe 2016 for the first time the finall result from his project of building in 1:50th scale of the:

  • Caterpillar D8T WH CARON Track-Type Tractor


In this "Making of a ...Caterpillar D8T WH CARON Track-Type Tractor" you will see how this custom model will be achieved.

Ad Gevers, will share his building skills through its construction photos with little notes and step by step it shows the making of a unique model of the Caterpillar D8T WH CARON Track-Type Tractor.

The Caterpillar D8T WDA Track-Type Tractor with WDA CARON DSU dozer blade & CARON SWS Tracks in 1:50 is custom built on the basis of the Norscot D8T and three exclusive kits: The resin CARON DSU Trash Blade comes from a very exclusive kit which is based on the metal Trash Blade made by Jay Roltgen and the CARON SWS metal Tracks and the Back box where both exclusive cADSttachments kits. (Sorry for those who are interested but I have to disappoint you that all three of these kits where and are not available for sale).

Enjoy reading & watching!

Ad and Wouter


To be continued...

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