Wheel Loaders


Caterpillar builds a complete line of wheel loaders, including on off the world's largest 994K. All these Integrated Tool carriers operate a wide variety of work tools.

The story begins with a wheel loader, 100% designed by Caterpillar in December of 1959, the first production Caterpillar Wheel Loader was driven off the assembly line at the Caterpillar plant in Aurora, Illinois.

The Caterpillar 944 Wheel "Traxcavator", a 105 hp gas or diesel engine equipped with 2 yd³ bucket, was the culmination of a seven-year development effort and the beginning of Caterpillar’s leadership in the worldwide market of Wheel Loaders.

A brief history…

Within a year time, Caterpillar added two additional models, the 80 hp model 922A wheel loader and the 140 hp 966A Wheel Loader. Following a few years later Caterpillar would introduce the 980, 988, 930, and 950 wheel loaders. Over the course of, already more then, 60 years, Caterpillar would design and update a total of more than 90 different Wheel Loader models.

Today, Caterpillar offers a full product line consisting of 47 different models in four equipment types: Compact, Small, Medium and Large Wheel Loaders provided with engine power from 42 hp (903D) to 1739 hp (994K) and with a bucket capacity range of 0.60 yd³ to 57 yd³.

And they are just getting started…

With more than a half a million Wheel Loaders sold over the last 60 years, Caterpillar has been a part of building communities around the world. Caterpillars goal is to continue making progress possible for another 60 years and beyond by providing their customers with the world's best Wheel Loaders. The Next Generation!