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MINIMOVERS scalemodels - D9L Multi-Shank Ripper

D9L Multi-Shank Ripper

Introduced in 1980 as a replacement to the Caterpillar D9H, the Caterpillar D9L Track-Type Tractor was produced within the USA. Features a 3412 Turbocharged Diesel engine producing 460HP at 1,900RPM. Featuring a 3-speed planetary Power Shift Transmission, This machine was also the first Caterpillar D9 to utilize the raised final drive sprocket, which was originally introduced on the Caterpillar D10, to prevent impact loading and increase the life of the power train.

The D9L was given a 14Y serial number prefix. Production of the D9L ended in 1986 when the Caterpillar D9L was replaced by the D9N.

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