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MINIMOVERS scalemodels - Caterpillar 963D Track Loader
18 Jul 2011
  • Number: 55194
  • Manufacturer: Norscot
  • Scale: 1:50
  • Year: 2007
Collection » Track Loaders » 963 » 963D » Norscot

Caterpillar 963D Track Loader

The Caterpillar 963D Track loader in 1:50th scale was released by Norscot in 2007 with #55194.

This scale model of the Caterpillar 963D Track Loader is in my opinion one of the best new models and a good example of the huge improvements that Norscot models in the past few years has made.

The Caterpillar 963D Track Loader scale model has not only metal tracks, but also a fully equipped cabin equipped with air conditioning! In addition, the model features a retractable three pronged ripper and plenty of small details like danger and instruction indications and gives a very good impression of modern technology, ergonomics and comfort that this machine contains. As an operator in a 1:1 Track Loader you really live in the comfort zone.