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MINIMOVERS scalemodels - Caterpillar 335F L CR "Eberhard"
14 May 2019
  • Number: 85925-E
  • Manufacturer: Diecast Masters
  • Scale: 1:50
  • Year: 2017
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Caterpillar 335F L CR "Eberhard"

The Caterpillar 335F L CR "Eberhard" in 1:50th scale was released by Diecast Masters in 2017 with #85925-E.

The scale model of the Caterpillar 335F Hydraulic Excavator in "Eberhard" version was delivered by Diecast Masters in scale 1:50 in a limited series of 1000 pieces at the end of 2017 exclusively to the Swiss company Eberhard.

Based on the 1:1 machine they have in their fleet a unique replica was the final result. Donor is te Caterpillar 335F Hydraulic Excavator which was released in 2016 as #85925 by Diecast Masters.

Normally I do not collect company livery versions of a Caterpillar scale model, but given my link with this Swiss construction and earthmoving company it was not a difficult decision and this Caterpillar 335F in Eberhard livery gets a prominent place in my collection.

Definitely a welcome addition to my Caterpillar Excavator combination collection. With this scale model, plenty of attention is paid to the details: Even operator Hans Peter (aka Bob) is hoisted in Eberhard corporate clothing. Extra value is the special Eberhard cardboard packaging with full color printing. For me: Top class collaboration between Eberhard and Diecast Masters!

If you are in the possession of photos about the 1:1 Caterpillar 335F Hydraulic Excavator in "Eberhard" livery I would be happy if you send your response to


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