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This ABC glossary consists of an alphabetical list of the overview in this website with an [abc] icon marked text, words, names, or photos. By clicking on the icon you are immediately led to more background information, explanation, justification, and/or source on the linked item.



A.I.P.E.T.H.O.A.C. is the abbreviation for Association Internationale pour la Promotion des Engins Techniques et Historiques comme Objets d'Art et de Culture. The Aipethoac is an association whose purpose is to bring together enthusiasts of Earthmoving equipment, mining, forestry, transportation, etc ..., new and old, as well as scale models.


The [abc] icon is placed behind a name, text or image and links you immediately to the ABC library.

ACCO Super Dozer

The ACCO Super Bulldozer is the largest and most powerful Track-Type Tractor ever made. It was built in Italy, by the Umberto Acco company. The ACCO super bulldozer was constructed mainly of Caterpillar parts. This bulldozer has a gross weight of 183 tons and is powered by two 675hp Caterpillar engines and has a dozer blade that is 23 ft.


ACMOC is the abbreviation for The Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club.
The Club's purpose is to support restoration of antique Caterpillar machinery (circa 1925 - 1960) and to preserve Caterpillar history.


AGCO, Your Agriculture Company, (NYSE: AG) was founded in 1990 and offers a full product line of tractors including the (Caterpillar)Challenger, combines, hay tools, sprayers, forage, tillage equipment, implements and related replacement parts.

ALN maquettiste

ALN maquettiste is formed by Alexandre Le Nevé. The Frenchmen is a true craftsman designer, custom scale model builder and maquettiste. His main focus are exclusive and unique one of a kind (Caterpillar) scale models on request.

Ad Gevers

Ad Gevers is a Dutch custom Caterpillar scalemodel builder. His main focus are Track-Type Tractors and Scrapers.


Airbrush1zu50 is run by Danny Laible from Germany and specializes in custom "aging" of (Caterpillar) scale models in all scales. Became curious? Visit his Facebook page to get an impression of his impressive skills!


An Articulated machine is designed to bend (= articulated) in the middle for purpose of steering. Caterpillar uses this technic for example in their current ADT (Articulated Dump Trucks) "700" series.




Barber-Greene founded in 1916 by American mechanical engineers Harry H. Barber and William B. Greene, was a company formed to sell standardized material-handling machines to mechanize small manual tasks in an economical way. It is best known for its contributions to the asphalt field. Based in Preston, Lancashire they have been manufactured continuously in the UK since 1941.

Caterpillar acquired Barber-Greene in 1991. Another company based in England, named BGP-group, began marketing a line of machines in the U.K. These machines carried similar design cues and model identification to the old Barber Greene models and have since undergone several upgrades and BGP-group continues as an independent company.


Bauma is the International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment.
Giant machines on 605,000 m² of exhibition space with more than 3,400 exhibitors and around 580,000 visitors—bauma is the largest and perhaps the most impressive trade fair in the world. However, the undisputed leading international trade fair is also enthralling because it is so comprehensive. It features all sectors, all market leaders and plenty of innovations.
Held every 3 years in Munich, Germany. Next date: 08-14 April 2019.

Bedankt (Thanks)!

Margreeth, Yannick, Ad, Graham, Huub, Daniel W., Piet, Brandon, Kees, Sander, Gary, Steven, Urs, Thomas, Richard, Eric O. and Ken.


BouwMachines is THE monthly magazine for the earthmoving, civil engineering and demolition and recycling sector buyers and users of construction equipment supports in the successful running of their business. BouwMachines differs from other trade media by not only reporting on new machines also highlight the entrepreneurial and business side of working with 'cold steel'. The pay off in three words gives exactly the core brand again: BouwMachines is "enterprising in construction equipment'.

Buffalo Road Imports

Buffalo Road Imports Diecast scale models (BRI) offers the collector and enthusiast the largest selection & largest stock of construction equipment models worldwide including new and old models, kits, books, parts and catalogs since 1978. Your adress for odd models and old fashion service by Brandon Lewis and his team.




CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 is the international gathering place in 2017 for the construction industries. Held in Las Vegas, USA, every three years, the exposition showcases the latest equipment, products, services and technologies. CONEXPO-CON/AGG will represent an immense unveiling of all the newest equipment, technology and product breakthrough in construction. From earthshaking big iron to groundbreaking innovations, it’s all assembled in one place to help you work smarter. CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 March 7-11th, 2017. If it’s new, it’s here!

Carol Westerhoff

Carol Westerhoff builds and rebuilds miniatures in scale 1:50 and his preference is mainly for trucks, heavy haulage transport and Dutch Defence vehicles.

Caron Compactor

Caron Compactor is an American company which is founded in the late 1960's and since then Caron Compactor has provided landfill operators with quality traction wheels, tracks and pin-on teeth for more almost five decades. Caron Compactor is the industry leader in compaction innovation.

Cat Rental Store

Whatever your line of work, there's a lot on the line. The Cat® Rental Store is here to keep businesses of any size, in concrete & paving, landscaping, general construction, governmental, and industrial businesses, going and growing. Count on them for the right equipment, right when and where you need it, reliable and ready to work 24/7/365. All backed by a team who knows how hard you work — and works just as hard to get you what you need.


Caterpillar A strategic global player.
For 100 years, Caterpillar Inc. busy building the infrastructure of the world and, together with its worldwide dealer network, achieving positive and sustainable change on every continent. Caterpillar is a leader in technology and is the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and gas engines and industrial gas turbines.

Caterpillar Conversion Table

Caterpillar Conversion Table helps you quickly to convert the United States customary units voor distances and volume to the Metric system.

Conrad Modelle

Conrad Modelle (previously Gescha) is a German manufacturer of diecast scale models primarily in 1:50 scale for use both as toys and promotional models by heavy equipment manufacturers. Conrad had the Caterpillar line of construction vehicles starting late 1960s through about 1992, but the licenses changed over to Norscot.


Creatpshop is a small French company which produces limited series models of rare and special road construction machinery, trucks and accessories which you might see if you travel across the French roads.


CypModels is a small Romanian company which produces limited series models of rare and special civilian- and military vehicles.




D1 is the smallest power to move ground: the spade each operator has on board to clean his machine.

DHS Diecast Collectables

DHS Diecast Collectables, Inc. has been in business since 1975. The name "DHS" comes from the initials of three companies merged into one: Dave's Model Toys, Hiram Construction Models and Smith Model Imports. These three companies merged together make them the largest Construction and Truck Model distributor in the world!

Specialized in construction scale models and die cast truck models for discriminating collectors worldwide and the unique DHS forum has been designed specifically for the die cast construction and truck model collector.
Its current location in historic Berea, Ohio USA (just south of Cleveland Hopkins Airport) is equipped with 12,000 square foot warehouse to best serve its world wide customers.

Dirtboy's Customs

Dirtboy's Customs is formed by the American custom builder Jay Roltgen. His main focus is creating custom add-on's and Worktools for 1:50th scale construction models mainly (Caterpillar) Track-Type Tractors. Small series, often as kit, made of Metal, Photo etched or 3D printed material, which can be ordered directly through Shapeways, which add an extra dimension to your Caterpillar scale model.




The Eberhard EBIANUM doubles as a construction vehicle museum and a unique venue for all kinds of events.


Eberhard Switzerland is the name that stands breakthrough performance in civil engineering, demolition, recycling and soil remediation for more than 50 years. Eberhard sets the standard again and again with new, efficient products and services to help its customers in economically and ecologically responsible way to realize their projects.

Eric C. Orlemann

Eric C. Orlemann is author or co-author of Caterpillar books concerning earthmoving equipment.




FOGS is the abbreviation for Falling Object Guard Structure and the name Caterpillar uses for their certified Cab Guard, which can be mounted directly to the ROPS-cab.

FanKit Models

FanKit Models is a small Romanian company which produces limited series (resin) scale models of rare and special civilian- and military vehicles and construction equipment.

First Dozer Ever

The First Dozer ever..... in 1915 somewhere in America a "Bulldozer" was offered commercially that claimed to save the labor of 40 men. The name was given to the horse powered Marshfiller but nobody knows why....


G specializes in industrial scale models at 1:50th. Since 2006 operating from Molino with a selection of more than 3500 models, the first and only specialty shop from Italy! also runs small series of custom kits and hand made models. Shipping worldwide on request!

GL3D Models

GL3D Models is a Dutch fellow collector and custom builder who developes 3D printed scale models from mainly Golden Oldies. Besides Caterpillar are other classics from brands such as Poclain, Åkerman, Ford and Richier already emerged from his 3D printer.




HCEA is the abbreviation for The Historical Construction Equipment Association.
The HCEA is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving for public education the history of the construction, dredging and surface mining equipment industries.


HIGRO is Dutch and stands for HIstorisch GROndverzet which can be translated to "Historical Earthmoving" and is a anually held Event in Schaijk, The Netherlands.


HZC is the abbreviation for Het Zwarte Corps

Hermann Müller Modellbau

Hermann Müller Modellbau is a German custom scalemodel builder and he developes and produces unique handmade construction equipment and worktools in 1:50th scale in short runs.

Huub van Dijk

Huub van Dijk is the man in charge of the Dutch websites Bouwmachinesvantoen and Bouwmachinesvannu. Loads of photos waiting for you.



IMC Models

IMC Models is a scale model manufacturer specialised in cranes, heavy haulage and earthmoving equipment. The manufacturer based in Houten, |The Netherlands, produces handcrafted scalemodels with a lot of passion and “enjoy the little things” as their motto.

Iconic Replicas

Iconic Replicas was established in Melbourne, Australia in January 2017 and is a family owned and operated business run by Leigh Hudson specialised in 1:50th Scale collectable models of Australian trucks like the PoweredbyCat Kenworth K100G and transport equipment like a 40ft Flat Rack and Open Top Container shipping all over the world.

International Directory of Model Construction Equipment

International Directory of Model Construction Equipment is the ultimate reference for the collectors of Caterpillar scale models and replicas.
This soft cover 200+ page reference from Raymond E. Crilley contains descriptions of more than 650 scale models with details of manufacturer, scale, manufacturer's stock code, country of origin, and year of production, supported by nearly 400 photographs and brief history of Caterpillar. A must have! ISBN 0-9625212-2-1



Jac Rijk

Jac Rijk: The world is their playground.
The world of earthmoving holds no secret for Jac Rijk. Internationally, they founded roads, railways and waterways; around the globe they mine, move and reshape the world. Anywhere in the world. That is their world.

Based on more then 75 years of experience in many countries worldwide, Jac Rijk, HQ within the Netherlands, have specialized themselves in four disciplines. This makes them really understand what is important in your specific discipline. To ensure you that their people and equipment spreads are fully optimized to your world.

Jake's Die Cast Models

Jake’s Die Cast Models located on Vancouver Island BC is the die cast collector haven in Canada. Jake (aka Bob) has a great interest in the hobby of collecting models of all different types, scales of transportation and construction equipment. Jake sells detailed brands like CCM and Diecast Masters and heavy transport models. All his models are available at his store. Happy collecting!

Jan Hildebrand

Jan Hildebrand is a German custom scalemodel builder and he developes and produces handmade attachments for Excavator models in 1:50th scale in short runs.

Janssen Group

Janssen Group, based at Maastricht in The Netherlands, is a medium sized construction company specializing in Earthmoving and Ground transportation. Besides the rental of a wide range of Earthmoving equipment they carry out Excavation works for the benefit of Civil Engineering and Environmental Projects.



Ken "SoCal" Rudenski

Ken Rudenski is the driving force behind the website Go and see!

Kens Custom Models

Ken Wheeler is an American custom scale model builder and the man behind Kens Custom Models. His main focus are Caterpillar Construction, Work Tool Attachments and parts in 1:50th scale. He is specialized in airport snow removal, demolition, land clearing equipment and heavy haul truck tractors.
Ordering through the website from Buffalo Road Imports (BRI)

Keystone Construction Diecast

Keystone Construction Diecast and Keystone Models Mfg are owned by Butch Diggins. Visit his recently new developed web site to get that hard to find truck or construction model or custom kit which is still missing in your collecting.




LGP is the abbreviation for Low Ground Pressure.

Laster & Bagger


Laster & Bagger is THE full color magazine for collectors of Trucks (Laster) & construction (Bagger) machine models, cranes, Trucks and heavy haulage. The magazine is writen in German. Detailed English translations of the main sections and features for every issue are available on the website and off course also available as App (both iPphone and Andriod) for your tablet, computer or smartphone.




MATEXPO is a biennial international trade fair for building equipment at Kortrijk Xpo. As the third largest trade fair of its type in Europe, it has an established reputation and receives more than 40,000 visitors.

The showpiece is the MATEXPO Demo zone, a site of more than 3ha where the visitor can see continuous demonstrations and can test the machines out for himself. There is also a challenging circuit for trucks.

The 37th edition of the MATEXPO will take place from 13 to September 17, 2017.


The next MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® will be held in 2020. Mark your calendars for Sept 28th uptill 30th, 2020 and head to Las Vegas, Nevada USA. It’s never too early to start planning! #MinExpo2020

Sponsored by the National Mining Association (NMA), MINExpo INTERNATIONAL®—the world’s largest mining equipment, products and services exhibition—is a sprawling 840,000 ft.+ showcase of the latest mining equipment and technology from around the world.

Find what you need today and discover what’s next in mining. MINExpo brings together all of the latest cutting-edge equipment, innovations, services and technologies to take your operations to a new level and fuel your long-term growth. As the world’s largest mining event, MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® covers the entire industry—exploration, mine development, open pit, underground mining, processing, safety, environmental improvement and more.

Get ready to explore every level at the mining industry’s premier, must-attend event—if you miss out, you’ll have to wait FOUR years before it returns to Las Vegas.

MSM - Mountain Scale Manufacturing

MSM - Mountain Scale Manufacturing is founded by Andreas Eberle, a passionate scale model maker and model collector from Liechtenstein.

MSM - Mountain Scale Manufacturing offers a growing range of construction site equipment, including (construction site) fuel tanks, waste and dirt containers and drop-off bins, 3D color printed in plastic and complete with decals, optionally in a compamy livery and custom-made to your specifications, all at 1:50th scale.

Making of...

Making of... or "behind the scenes" we will show you how unique "one of a kind" custom and small series scale models are being created.

Each builder leads us through his construction process with photos and little notes so you will see gradually how a prototype or a completely scratch built "one of a kind" custom scale model will be achieved.

McAninch Corporation

The McAninch Corporation began in 1967 when Dwayne McAninch built his first farm pond with a D7 dozer. Since then, the company has grown into a larger, more streamlined operation that specializes in both large-scale mobilization of equipment for mass grading work as well as a variety of smaller projects.

McAninch is a nationally recognized as one of the most technologically advanced earthmoving contractors. Since the 1980s they have served as one of Caterpillar’s beta sites for the testing of new components and machine configurations. Engineering faculty from colleges and universities around the country consult with us on soil technologies and our personnel are active in National Association of Government Contractors (NAGC) industry-advancement efforts.




NZG is the abbreviation for Nürnberger Zinkdruck Guss Modelle GmbH. NZG has released Caterpillar scale models from 1970 to 2005.

Neil Dillon Customs

Neil Dillon is a Irisch custom Caterpillar scalemodel builder. His main focus are Scrapers and Track-Type Tractors.




OEM (pronounced as separate letters) is the abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacture.
Caterpillar has a width range of integrated components and systems divided in six categories: Partial Machine Systems, Undercarriages, Powertrains, Hydraulics, Electronics and Cabs & Operator stations which provides the OEM tough and reliable components and systems that are performance-matched to meet their specific application requirements.
Only to name a few OEM’s using Caterpillar: Vermeer, Oshkosh, Roadtec, Haulmax and Tiger. Scale models from those OEM’s can be found in my Collection category “PoweredbyCat”.


Oshkosh Corporation designs and builds the world's toughest specialty trucks and truck bodies and access equipment by working shoulder-to-shoulder with the people who use them. As OEM they have a broad product range which is powered by a Caterpillar engine. Scale models from Oshkosh can be found in my Collection category “PoweredbyCat”.

Otter Bro Customs

Otter Bro Customs (OBC) is formed by Chris, Jim and Gary Otter. All three brothers are very talented custom scale model builders. Their main focus are small runs and unique one of a kind (Caterpillar) scale models on request.




Padfoot drums offer superior performance when compacting cohesive and semi-cohesive materials. The drum features pads arranged in a chevron pattern.

Power Parade

In 1955, Caterpillar dealers were invited to the first Worldwide Dealer Meeting in 20 years, which featured “The Big Parade.” This particular show was the largest equipment show in the history of the Earthmoving industry and was so impactful it inspired Caterpillar to celebrate, entertain and educate Caterpillar employees and their families in what became known as the “Power Parade.”

Caterpillar held its inaugural Power Parade at Marquette Heights, Illinois, in 1964 and later at Edwards, Illinois both in the USA, in 1973, 1978, 1988 and 2000. These expositions showcased the new Caterpillar product line, as well as the skills of the equipment’s operators. Each Power Parade contained up to 28 shows over a two-week period and more than 100,000 people attended.



QR code

QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode) first designed in 1994 for the automotive industry in Japan. The Quick Response (QR code) system became popular outside the automotive industry due to its fast readability and greater storage capacity compared to standard UPC barcodes. Applications include product tracking, item identification, time tracking, document management, and general marketing as on websites.

Do you want to kept informed on you smartphone of the latest MiniMovers news about Caterpillar scale models? Use the QR code!


Quarry Diecast Models

Quarry Diecast Models (QDM) is based in Australia and run by Sandra and Gary Wren. QDM stock well known brands of diecast metal Construction and Transport models from all world renowned manufactures as well as models from smaller model manufacturers. QDM also produces there own brand of accessories and models under the QDM banner.




ROPS is the abbreviation for Roll-Over Protection System.

Ralph E. Garber Enterprises

Ralph E. Garber Enterprises specializes in construction models new and old produced by all the various toy makers past and present. He strives to give the customers the latest releases of construction models and to keep you informed of up and coming future models. The objective is to educate the collectors about die cast models and to provide them with the latest models available at a reasonable and affordable price.


A Ripper is a shank-like blade used to tear up a surface, usually mounted on the rear of a Track-Type Tractor.

Rod Cross Toys

Rod Cross is an American custom Caterpillar scale model builder and the man behind Rod Cross Toys. His main focus are Track-Type Tractor, Pipelayers and Attachments & Worktools in both 1:25th and 1:50th scale.




A sheepsfoot compactor is a piece of equipment that consists of a roller, or drum, that has raised pegs or pads on the surface.
Rollers are also used in landfill compaction. Such compactors typically have padfoot or "sheep's-foot" drums, and do not achieve a smooth surface. The pads aid in compression, due to the smaller area contacting the ground.


Shiphold or abbreviated "SH" as an addition to the machine type stands for a Caterpillar Track-Type Tractor or Track Loader specially designed for shiphold bulk material handling. An optimal combination of traction, high reach and balance of the machine makes these Caterpillar Shiphold Track-Type Tractors or Track Loaders ideal for work in Shipholds and ports. With special equipment such as a Pin-on multi purpose bucket or Pin-on trim blade for all material they can scrape ship's walls and process all kinds of materials during the loading and unloading work in the ship's hold. The Heavy Duty Bumper gives outstanding protection for the rear of the machine and Lifting eyes located on the frame provide easy lifting of the machine in and out of the shiphold.

Shows & Exhibitions

Shows & Exhibitions is created to give you the opportunity to sit back and relax and enjoy the (photo)reports of construction trade shows & swap meetings and exhibitions from both Caterpillar Equipment and scale models. On this page you will find a growing list of (photo) reports Shows & Exhibitions. Enjoy reading & watching!

Sloan Construction Scale Models (SCSM)

Sloan Construction Scale Models (SCSM) is founded by Steven Sloan, a passionate scale model maker and model collector from Scotland.

SCSM offer an extensive range of bespoke services including CAD/CAM Design, 3D printing, machining, 2K spray painting/air brushing and also resin casting and much more all in house. SCSM are constantly working to develop new skills and techniques to help to produce the highest quality custom replica (Caterpillar) scale models and Worktools like Excavator booms and attachments all in 1:50th scale.



TKD (Technische Kontakt Dagen)

The Dutch Technische Kontakt Dagen (TKD) brings large and small players in the field of earth moving-, recycling equipment and related specialties together, so you can compare and test. The TKD takes place in Almere the Netherlands from May 31th to June 2th, 2018.

Thomas Wilk

Thomas Wilk author from the books "Caterpillar Seventy Five Years", "Caterpillar D9-D9R" together with Urs Peyer and co author from "Das Tagebau Buch", involved with magazine "BAGGERMODELLE" and an very talented photographer. His own company TCC creates beautiful full color calendars of new and classical construction equipment.


TowHaul is the brandname for TowHaul Corporation dba Smith Equipment USA, which designs and manufactures custom heavy duty off-road trailers that decrease costs and increase mobility in open pit mines around the world.

Trackson Company

Trackson Company commenced business in Milwaukee in 1922 and built tracked attachments for tractor manufacturers.
The early Trackson tracked attachments were popular on tractors used for road grader power units, as well as for tractors used in poor ground conditions.

Truck in the Koel

Truck in the Koel is a anually held Event in Brunssum, The Netherlands on historical Earthmoving Machinery, Trucks, Tractors and Trailers.



Urs Peyer

Urs Peyer is co-author from the books "Caterpillar D9-D9R" and "Das TAGEBAU Buch", involved with magazine "BAGGERMODELLE" and an outstanding custom scalemodel builder.




WH is the English abbreviation for Waste Handler that Caterpillar adds behind the equipment type to specify that these machines are specifically designed for waste handling and landfill debris environments.

Weiach Historik

Weiach Historik is an annual onstruction Equipment and Truck Event in the Kiesgrube (gravelpit) from Weiacher Kies AG, in Hard 8187 nearby the city Weiach in Switzerland.

Historic construction machinery, rattling excavators, snorting steamrollers, rattling dump trucks and the latest modern equipment from partners in the world of construction machinery and trucks. A true hear and marvel experience at everything in the gravel pit in Weiach.



ZTZ Logistics

ZTZ Logisticsoffers a complete logistics solution for all your equipment needs, they take care of customs, storage, maintenance, assembly/disassembly, cleaning & painting and shipping & transport. ZTZ have all the expertise they need to relieve their clients of all their logistical challanges.

ZTZ Logistics has a leading position in the field of service for heavy earthmoving and or mining equipment. ZTZ Logistics is the central point when it comes to maintenance, assembly, repair, cleaning and painting of (Caterpillar) earthmoving equipment. In addition, ZTZ Logistics specializes in disassembling machines for container transport. Their professional team of technicians and mechanics is always standing by to be of service.

My website "" and the "M" logo and shortname "MINIMOVERS" used on Twitter, Youtube and Blogger are not related or afflicted with Caterpillar Inc. in any way.