UPDATE ANNOUNCEMENT! Caterpillar 583K [CCM 1:48]

6 September 2019

Classic Construction Models (CCM) has released this week the first official photos off the first production sample off their next to release Caterpillar scale model in their 1:48 Construction Diecast Series:

  • Caterpillar 583K Pipelayer

The Caterpillar 583K Pipelayer scale model is made in scale 1:48. As you expect from Classic Construction Models this Golden Oldie scale model has more then plenty of detail and functioning parts. The final limited production run numbers with sales price and the delivery schedule (At this moment expected Q1 2020) from this scale model will be posted on this website when available.

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OUT SOON! Laster & Bagger 2019-5

4 September 2019

Laster & Bagger is THE full color magazine for collectors of Trucks (Laster) & construction (Bagger) machine models, cranes, Trucks and heavy haulage. The magazine is writen in German. Detailed English translations of the main sections and features for every issue are available on the website and off course also available as App (both iPphone and Andriod) for your tablet, computer or smartphone.


The fifth edition in 2019 of Laster & Bagger will be out soon! The magazine presses are running while you are reading this. The Magazine will be available half way September 2019.

In this issue, among other interesting articles, full attention for the Caterpillar D7C Track-Type Tractors which was early 2019 released by Diecast Masters in 1:50th scale in their "Evolution Series".

Last but least, an article with Tips & Trucks for the construction of a Diorama. MUST READ!

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ANNOUNCEMENT! Caterpillar 420F2 "Black Edition" [Diecast Masters 1:50]

30 August 2019

Diecast Masters has announced their latest new to release Caterpillar scale model in their 1:50th scale die-cast "High Line Series":

  • Caterpillar 420F2 Backhoe Loader "Black Edition" #85234

Surely a surprise that after more than three years after the introduction of the Caterpillar 420F2 Backhoe loader, Diecast Masters has decided to release the standard version in a limited "Black Edition" edition.

On September 24th, 2015, Caterpillar announced in 1:1 both the Caterpillar 420F2 and the 432F2 Backhoe Loader in a custom black anniversary edition to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Caterpillar at the Building Construction Products (BCP) Division Desford in England. In September 1985 the first Caterpillar 416 Backhoe Loader rolled off the production line and nowaday more than 300,000 Backhoe loaders have been produced in seven different versions.

Perhaps that is precisely why I am very happy with this scale model of the Caterpillar 420F2 because it was indeed released in 1:1 and it marks a point in the history of the Caterpillar Backhoe loader series. So great news that Diecast Masters decided to release this scale model. EXCITING!



NEWS FLASH! visits Truck in the Koel 2019

26 August 2019

For the ninth consecutive time, on Saturday 24 August 2019 there was "Truck in the Koel" in the quarry of Hendrik Bedrijven in Brunssum, the Netherlands.

Truck in the Koel is a unique event on historical Earthmoving Machinery, Trucks, Tractors and Trailers. The vintage Cars and Classic Equipment could not only been admired from close range but where actually in action through out the show!

The team from represented by Senior and Junior van Nispen was off course present at Truck in the Koel 2019 and made an comprehensive photo report.

Curious for their complete report? Click on the photo!



LATEST ADDITION! Caterpillar 320 "Next Gen" [Diecast Masters 1:50]

24 August 2019

Last month I recieved from the IMC Models Construction models Webshop this next addition by Diecast Masters in their 1:50th scale diecast "High Line Series" in my collection and today I had some time and took it to the photo set:

  • Caterpillar 320 “Next Gen” Hydraulic Excavator #85569

The new Caterpillar 320 Excavator, also announced as the "Next Generation Design" or short “Next Gen” Caterpillar Track-Type Hydraulic Excavator is the successor to the "F" Series in 1:1th scale, but because Caterpillar has changed his machine type numbering and stopped adding the successor letter it just will be released as the "320" Series.

The Caterpillar 320 “Next Gen” Track-Type Hydraulic Excavator in 1:1th scale is equipped with a Caterpillar C4.4 ACERT engine delivering 162hp Net Power. The machine has a operating Weight of 49,600lb Boom reach 18'8", Stick reach 9'6" and a bucket Capacity of 1.56yd3.

My first impression: the Caterpillar 320 “Next Gen” Track-Type Hydraulic Excavator has a detailed cab interior, including "Bob" the operator. Authentic Cat Machine Yellow paint. Functional boom, stick and bucket and equipped with metal tracks. Finishing touch are the authentic railings, grab rails and hydraulic hoses. I personally find it a missed opportunity that the sticks are not equipped with a quick release coupler to give the collector an option to remove the standard bucket for another (Caterpillar) Bucket or Work Tool.

Enjoy the first photos! Curious for more? The complete review with more pictures from the scale model, machine in 1:1 and background information is added in the category Hydraulic Excavators



NEWS FLASH! Airbrush1zu50 Customs

22 August 2019

Airbrush1zu50 is run by Danny Laible from Germany and specializes in custom "aging" of (Caterpillar) scale models in all scales. Became curious? Visit his Facebook page to get an impression of his impressive skills!

Created as a "one of a kind" or in a small series the mini masterpieces he created that you might encounter in everyday life. Some of his recent projects are a Caterpillar 785D Off-Highway Truck, Caterpillar D6 "Next Gen" Track-Type tractor and the Caterpillar 973 Track Loader.

At your request, he will age existing Caterpillar scale models from Classic Construction Models or Diecast Masters or a Golden Oldie from former licensee like Conrad, NZG, Norscot or JOAL, so that they can then be placed in a diorama lifelike and indistinguishable from the 1:1. In one word: IMPRESSIVE!

Curious? Click on the picture!



LATEST ADDITION! Caterpillar 973 Demolition Package [CCM 1:48]

20 August 2019

Already two weeks I received from Roy Ferguson Sales in America this latest addition in my collection made by Classic Construction Models (CCM) and today I was able to take it to the photo set:

  • Caterpillar 973 Track Loader with Demolition Package

Introduced in 1982 as a replacement to the Caterpillar 977L, the Caterpillar 973 Track Loader was produced within the USA, Japan and France. Features a 3306 Turbocharged Diesel engine mounted in the rear to improve operator sight while also providing a natural balance for the machine with a loaded bucket, eliminating the need for a counterweight and producing 210HP @ 2200RPM. Designed for less than ideal conditions that are found in demolition and steel foundry applications, the Caterpillar 973 Demolition package includes a Peterson Demolition Bucket, sound suppressed cab, and full demolition guards including a windshield screen, tilt cylinder guards, front guard, idler guards, bottom guard, fender guards, and rear bumper guard.

This die-cast scale model Caterpillar 973 Track Loader with Demolition Package is made in a limited edition of only 500 pieces in 2019 by CCM in scale 1:48 The scale model is packaged in a deluxe gift box and comes with a signed certificate. I'm the happy collector with in possession #322.

All aspects of the Caterpillar 973 Track Loader with Multi-Purpose Bucket are captured just like the 1:1 version and to the usual level of CCM's exacting detail, including hydraulic lines, Closed ROPS Operator’s Station with detailed working stations in a sound suppressed cab, and full demolition guards. The Operator only has to start the machine! Retail Price: $224.95 and shipping cost.

My first impression: a very complete scale model a nice addition in my Caterpillar Track Loader 973 series. More than well worth the wait! Together with his two brothers this is a must have for every Caterpillar collector.

Enjoy the first photos! Curious for more? I will add the complete review with more pictures from the model, machine in 1:1 and background information in the category Track Loaders So stay tuned!



LATEST ADDITION! Caterpillar PS-300B [Creatpshop 1:50]

18 August 2019

Already a few years ago I received from France ​​this custom made addition in my collection and today did find the time and took it to the photo set:

  • Caterpillar PS-300B Pneumatic Tire Compactor #KCP042

Creatpshop is a small French company, owned by Elie Pinocheau, which produces limited series models of rare and special road construction machinery, trucks and accessories which you certainaly might see if you travel across the French roads and bump in to road construction work in progress.

The Caterpillar PS-300B Pneumatic Tire Compactor is powered by a Caterpillar 3054T DIT four cylinder Diesel Engine producing 99hp at 2,200 RPM. Maximum weight per wheel 6,600 lb and a operating weight 46,200lb.

This Caterpillar PS-300B Pneumatic Tire Compactor in 1:50th scale is made of resin material and is custom built by Elie in the original Caterpillar factory version but can also be supplied in a specific company colors upon request. Build yourself? Then order the kit under number #KC042.

Enjoy the first photos! Curious for more? The complete review with more pictures from the Caterpillar PS-300B Pneumatic Tire Compactor scale model, machine in 1:1 and background information is added in the category Compactors



LATEST ADDITION! Kenworth K100G [Iconic Replicas 1:50]

16 August 2019

Already a long while ago I received from America ​​this latest addition in my collection and today I did find the time and took it to the photo set:

  • Kenworth K100G 1997 6x4 Cabover Truck

Iconic Replicas was established in Melbourne, Australia in January 2017 and is a family owned and operated business run by Leigh Hudson specialised in 1:50th Scale collectable models of Australian trucks like the PoweredbyCat Kenworth K100G and transport equipment like a 40ft Flat Rack and Open Top Container shipping all over the world.

The good news for collectors in the Netherlands (and within Europe) is that all Iconic Replicas scale models are now also available exclusively at run by Simon and Anton Verhagen from the Netherlands. Highly recommended.

The Kenworth K100G 1997 6x4 Cabover Truck with Caterpillar (or a Cummins) engine is one of the first cast models released by Iconic Replicas, under license from Kenworth Australia's, small series of trucks in basic and corporate colors. The quality is certainly equivalent to IMC Models/Tekno/WSI. Much attention has been paid to the model, numerous details and the cabin can tilt which reveals the Caterpillar Engine! There is also a extra set with two types of exhaust and air cleaner pipes supplied. (Great for future renovations -))

My first impression: a very complete high quality scale model with a lott off value for your money and therefore is this Kenworth K100G 1997 6x4 Cabover Truck a great addition in my PoweredbyCat series. I'm already looking forward to the next tractor or transport combination from Down Under: KEEP THEM COMING!

For the coming period (note: it will not go fast) there are plenty of new projects on the roll. If you want to stay informed of the latest news, just follow Iconic Replicas on Facebook.



UPDATE! The making of... ACCO Super Dozer

14 August 2019

Custom scale model builder Matteo from Trilex Modelli is in the final stages and making good progress on one of his latest projects: Building a ACCO Super Bulldozer in 1:50th scale.

The ACCO Super Bulldozer is the largest and most powerful Track-Type Tractor ever made. It was built in Italy, by the Umberto Acco company. The ACCO super bulldozer was constructed mainly of Caterpillar parts. This bulldozer has a gross weight of 183 tons and is powered by two 675hp Caterpillar engines and has a dozer blade that is 23 ft.

Today time for an update of this "The making of... a ACCO Super Bulldozer" where Matteo will guide you by the complete design and construction process of this unique scale model, and the end result shall eventually, as a real custom builder wants to achieve display the 1: 1 machine as naturally as possible. You will be amazed with the high standards he sets!

Matteo shares his building skills through its construction photos with little notes to keep us informed of the building process. Gradually it shows the making of a unique model of the ACCO Super Bulldozer and a for me personally a unique addition to my PoweredBy Caterpillar collection!

Curious? Click on the photo!