FLASHBACK! Caterpillar Power Parade

26 October 2018

In 1955, Caterpillar dealers were invited to the first Worldwide Caterpillar Dealer Meeting in 20 years, which featured “The Big Parade.” This particular show was the largest equipment show in the history of the Earthmoving industry and was so impactful it inspired Caterpillar to celebrate, entertain and educate Caterpillar employees and their families in what became known as the “Power Parade”.

Caterpillar held its inaugural Power Parade at Marquette Heights, Illinois, in 1964 and later at Edwards, Illinois both in the USA, in 1973, 1978, 1988 and 2000. These expositions showcased the complete new Caterpillar product line, as well as the skills of the equipment’s operators. Each Power Parade contained up to 28 shows over a two-week period and more than 100,000 people attended.

This year a theme exhibition focused on this unique event could be visited at the Caterpillar Visitor Center. Curious? Click on the link: "Power Parades of the Past".


ANNOUNCEMENT! Caterpillar MD6250 [Diecast Masters 1:50]

24 October 2018

Diecast Masters has out of the blue the worldwide release announced of their next new Caterpillar scale model starting from Q4-2018 in their 1:50th scale diecast "High Line Series":

  • Caterpillar MD6250 Rotary Blasthole Drill #85581

The Caterpillar MD6250 Rotary Blasthole Drill produces 152-250 mm (6-9.8 in) diameter holes used for explosive charges at mines or quarries. Drilling modes include rotary for soft rock and down-the-hole (DTH) for hard rock. Single-pass hole depth with standard mast is 11.2 m (36.7 ft); maximum multi-pass hole depth is 53.8 m (176.7 feet). The Caterpillar MD6250 will operate efficiently at virtually all temperatures and elevations. Semi-autonomous and fully autonomous drilling is supported. The drill’s 879 hp Caterpillar C27 ACERT™ engine can be configured to match emissions regulations in any global region.

Direct eyecatchers are size of the machine and its moveable boom, stick and bucket. Other key Features of the Caterpillar Caterpillar MD6250 are its detailed cab interior, including "Bob" the operator. (Which can be removed by opening the top of the cabin roof), Authentic Cat Machine Yellow paint and trade dress. Functional metal tracks. Finishing touch are the authentic railings, grab rails and hydraulic hoses. In two words: WELL DONE!

Curious? Download the PDF? Click on the picture!


UPDATE! The making of... 830M with Curtiss Wright 18M [Custom 1:50]

22 October 2018

Custom scale model builder Ciprian Ursulescu from CypModels has finished his next project developing and building in 1:50th scale of the:

  • Caterpillar 830M with Curtiss Wright 18M Scraper

The pre production scale model of the Caterpillar 830M with Curtiss Wright 18M Scraper in 1:50th scale is completely finished and painted. Ready for Action! Ready for sales! Time to order your built Caterpillar 830M with Curtiss Wright 18M Scraper scale model or kit.

Curious for the finall result? Check out: "Making of... a Caterpillar 830M with Curtiss Wright 18M Scraper" to see how this custom model is achieved. Ciprian Ursulescu, shared his building skills through its construction photos with little notes from me. Gradually it shows you the making of a unique model of the Caterpillar 830M with Curtiss Wright 18M Scraper.

The Sales price is 340,- euro for a model built and 180,- euro for a set in kit and shipping cost. Its also possible to buy only the Curtiss Wright 18M scraper for 180,- ready built and for 100,- euro as kit. CypModels does discounts for larger orders and ships worldwide. Payment with PayPal is possible. This next knock out model of the Caterpillar 830M with Curtiss Wright 18M Scraper will be available in very limited numbers. On request you can choose for a Caterpillar yellow civil version or the army green version.

More information about ordering this unique scale model in a very limited edition? Visit the CypModels website.

Ciprian and Wouter


SPOTLIGHT! MiniMovers on Instagram

20 October 2018

MiniMovers on Instagram

MiniMovers is now also active on Instagram with a selection of the photos from the MiniMovers website News; CCM and Diecast Masters annoucements, Latest Additions; Custom and One of a Kind models and last but not least Events.

Of course you can follow us and/or like, react and share your favorite minimoversnl photo from your own Instagram account.

It is you the choice. Enjoy!



NEWS FLASH! Trucks & Construction FREE trail issue!

18 October 2018

Trucks & Construction is THE digital magazine for collectors of Trucks & Construction machine models, cranes and heavy haulage. This digital magazine is writen in Englisch and available as App in the internet iTunes store for your computer and iPhone and iPad. Soon also available for Android devices

Curious? Just download and Enjoy your FREE trial issue!


NEWS FLASH! Caterpillar MT4400D AC SALE! [Tonkin Replicas 1:50]

16 October 2018

IMC Models is located at the Peppelkade 23 in Houten, The Netherlands. Not coincidentally within walking distance of the location of the bimonthly NAMAC swap meeting at the EXPO Houten and so they offer collectors the opportunity to come over at the trading days between 09.00 and 16.00 as to visite the showroom and while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee to snif around in their shop for the latest scale models of Sarens, Nooteboom and of course the entire Caterpillar collection made by Diecast Masters.

  • Caterpillar MT4400D AC Mining Truck #TR30001

Recently they announcement another must have super discount deal with not less then 58% discount which means that this monster truck will cost you only 95,- euro!


NEWS FLASH! Caterpillar launches "Cat Modern Hex"!

14 October 2018

Caterpillar machines, engines, generator sets and work tools will soon have a new look. Caterpillar is replacing the current “Power Edge” trade dress (Cat trademark on a black background accented with a diagonal red bar) with a fresh new graphic design called “Cat Modern Hex.” The "Cat Modern Hex" design combines the traditional Caterpillar trademark and product model names with a bold, three-dimensional red hexagon and grille pattern. The red color is a throwback to the graphics used on the company’s very first crawler tractors in 1925.

The Cat Modern Hex was designed by the Caterpillar Industrial Design Group;

“Our goal was to create something with a premium look and feel,” said Ed Stembridge, product identity manager. “When you combine the Modern Hex design with our distinctive Caterpillar product designs, it visually reminds customers they are buying and using the best products on the market."

New identity for Cat® products reflects the brand’s premium quality

In addition to machines, gen sets and engines, the new trade dress will be used on Caterpillar parts packaging and various licensed products such as toys and scale models. Cat products that are no longer in production will not be updated.

Look for the "Cat Modern Hex" trade dress design on newly-manufactured Caterpillar products in the near future as Caterpillar updates its whole product line by early 2020.



ANNOUNCEMENT! Caterpillar CT660 & XL120 HDG [Diecast Masters 1:50]

12 October 2018

Diecast Masters has announced their next two to release Caterpillar scale models starting from Q4-2018 in their 1:50th scale diecast "Core Classic Series":

  • Caterpillar CT660 6x4 Day Cab Tractor & XL120 Low-Profile HDG Trailer #85503C
  • Caterpillar CT660 6x4 Day Cab Tractor & XL120 Low-Profile HDG Trailer and Caterpillar CB-534D XW Vibratory Asphalt Compactor #85601C

In this new "Core Classic Series" sets in 1:50th scale Diecast Masters combines the Caterpillar CT660 6x4 Day Cab Tractor with the brand new XL120 Low-Profile HDG Trailer without or with the Caterpillar CB-534D XW Vibratory Asphalt Compactor as load; Its up to you to choose!

Key Features are the Caterpillar CT660 tractor hood opens to reveal Caterpillar CT13 engine detail and a XL120 HDG Trailer deck which replicates authentic camber aswell a Removable “Oversize Load” sign for trailer. Other Features of the Caterpillar CT660 Tractor are its Truck interior detailing, including "Jim" the driver, Authentic Cat Machine Yellow paint and trade dress. Accurate tire tread and rim detail on both truck and trailer. Finishing touch are the Removable trailer gooseneck and operating loading ramps.

Curious? Download the PDF? Click on the picture!


NEWS FLASH! BouwmachinesvanToen-Archief - Jac. Rijk

6 October 2018

BouwmachinesvanToen-Archief is the new name for the website of Huub van Dijk. He created a unique digital photo museum of Dutch earthmoving contractors, their (Caterpillar) equipment and workers in the last century.Huubs website is mainly based on long gone companies.

The website BouwmachinesvanToen-Archive deals with Dutch equipment. As of today there have been added some beautiful new photos with mainly Caterpillar earthmoving Equipment from Jac Rijk in a unique album which under the name "Jac Rijk Heinkenszand" can be found on BouwmachinesvanToen-Archief.

Curious for more "Golden Oldies"? Take a look on the website of BouwmachinesvanToen and enjoy watching all his pictures and stories from passed times.

Highly recommended!

Curious? Click on the photo!


NEWS FLASH! Modelshow Europe 2019

4 October 2018

Have you already scheduled this day in your diary? Saturday, March 16th, 2019 the 28st Modelshow Europe will be held in the flowerauction "Plantion" nearby the city Ede in the Netherlands. Mark your calendars and make your reservations. It will be a BLAST!

On this special exhibition one can once again see all kinds of miniatures and model construction projects in the field of earthmoving, cranes and heavy transport. This Modelshow Europe exhibition is unique by its grand design and the only one in Europe.

Many collectors and builders show on the Modelshow Europe their (rebuilt and/or radio controlled) models. Also a wide range of miniatures and related components for the model are offered for sale.

To download the Flyer? Just click on the picture!