LATEST ADDITION! Tiger TMV60 [Custom 1:50]

12 January 2019

Already some time ago I received this scale model and now I finally found the time to photograph this custom addition in my collection:

  • Tiger TMV60 Fuel Truck

The Australian company Tiger Engineering Pty, which for years developed Caterpillar wheel loaders independently on the basis of Caterpillar wheel loaders, was incorporated by Caterpillar in 1997. Shortly after its introduction in 1998, the TIGER 790G Wheel Dozer was introduced by Caterpillar as a Caterpillar 854G Wheel Dozer and was the most powerful Wheel Dozer in the world at the time.

The Tiger TMV60 has also been built using Caterpillar components such as the 35-ton (32 tonne payload) Caterpillar D350D Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) and the Caterpillar 3306 Turbo Diesel Engine providing 300 hp and thus forms the basis for their Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) used in the mining industry and available in numerous designs as a water bowser or fuel truck.

Through a forum I came into contact with fellow collector Keith W. from England who sent me a list with scale models that he offers for sale. Lured by the name "Tiger" I asked for photos and after I also found an original TIGER TMV brochure of this machine I was immediately tacked.

My first impression: The TIGER TMV 60 is certainly not the most detailed scale model in my collection but precisely because the scale model also uses the same components as the 1:1 (namely the Caterpillar D350D from ERTL in scale 1:50 with #2431) and the cabin is spot on, the final result is definitely a unique custom scale model and a very welcome addition to my PoweredbyCAT series.

I have add the complete review with more pictures from the model, machine in 1:1 and technical background information in the category PoweredbyCAT


NEWS FLASH! Caterpillar 830M Curtiss Wright 18M [Custom 1:50]

10 January 2019

Just before the end of 2018 Custom scale model builder Ciprian Ursulescu from CypModels has released a new custom made resin scale model in 1:50th scale:

  • Caterpillar 830M with Curtiss Wright 18M Scraper "US Army"

This knock out model of the Caterpillar 830M with Curtiss Wright 18M Scraper "US Army" will be available in very limited numbers. The Sales price is 340,- euro for a model built and 180,- euro for a set in kit and shipping cost. Its also possible to buy only the Curtiss Wright 18M scraper for 180,- ready built and for 100,- euro as kit. CypModels does discounts for larger orders and ships worldwide. Payment with PayPal is possible.

Besides the "US Army" scale model there is a “Old Highway Yellow” civil version available. Both version will be on display during the Modelshow Europe 2019 in Ede, The Netherlands on March 16th 2019.

If you are interested in this hand built scale model or kit from the Caterpillar 830M with Curtiss Wright 18M Scraper "US Army" respond by e-mail and I will forward your request. Only then you can be assured that the model is also produced effectively for you. The custom builder does ship worldwide at actual shipping cost and you can pay with PayPal.


EBIANUM Digger Museum & Modelshow 2019

6 January 2019

The Eberhard EBIANUM doubles as a construction vehicle museum and a unique venue for all kinds of events.

Memories, understanding, information, experience, discoveries, and a view of the future.

Different is better than better. These feelings and thoughts guided us when we developed the Museum concept. Which adult doesn’t dream of being a child again for a while? This is where such dreams come true, for children in any case – the ideal environment for tuning into an event.


Eberhard - Pioneers yesterday. today. tomorrow.

On Saturday April 27th 2019 the EBIANUM Digger Museum celebrates its fourth year anniversary with a huge scale model exhibition. Outside the museum there will be a F.B.W. Truck Meeting.

So mark Saturday April 27th 2019 on your calendar!

In addition, the doors from the EBIANUM Digger Museum are open to the public each Saturdays and Sundays and holidays from 10:00 to 17:00. On the free Wednesday afternoon EBIANUM is open from 13:30 to 17:00. The entrance to the "moving experience for young and old" in EBIANUM is not for free, but the unique collection of scale models in the museum alone is more than worth the entrance fee.

Curious? Read the latest news on or even better, come over for a visit at the EBIANUM.


ANNOUNCEMENT! Caterpillar 336 [Diecast Masters 1:50]

4 January 2019

Diecast Masters has in advance of their worldwide introduction at the International Toy Fair aka Spielwarenmesse 2019 held from januari 30th till February 3th 2019 announced their first new to release Caterpillar scale model in their 1:50th scale die-cast "High Line Series":

  • Caterpillar 336 “Next Gen” Hydraulic Excavator #85586

The new Caterpillar 336, also announced as the "Next Generation Design" or short “Next Gen” Caterpillar Track-Type Hydraulic Excavator is the successor to the "F" Series in 1:1th scale, but because Caterpillar has changed his machine type numbering and stopped adding the successor letter it will not appear as the "G" Series.

The Caterpillar 336 “Next Gen” Hydraulic Excavator in 1:1th scale is equipped with a Caterpillar C9.3 B ACERT engine delivering 311hp Net Power. The machine has a operating Weight of 81.900lb and a GDC Bucket Capacity of 2.97yd3.

Key Features of the Caterpillar 336 Track-Type Hydraulic Excavators are a detailed cab interior, including "Bob" the operator. Authentic Cat Machine Yellow paint and trade dress. Functional boom, stick and bucket. Finishing touch are the authentic railings, grab rails and hydraulic hoses. I personally find it a missed opportunity that the stick is not equipped with a quick release coupler to give the collector an option to remove the standard bucket for another (Caterpillar) Bucket or Work Tool.

Curious? Download the PDF? Click on the picture!


OUT SOON! Laster & Bagger 2019-1

2 January 2019

Laster & Bagger is THE full color magazine for collectors of Trucks (Laster) & construction (Bagger) machine models, cranes, Trucks and heavy haulage. The magazine is writen in German. Detailed English translations of the main sections and features for every issue are available on the website and off course also available as App (both iPphone and Andriod) for your tablet, computer or smartphone.


The first edition in 2019 of Laster & Bagger will be out soon! The magazine presses are running while you are reading this. The Magazine will be available half way January 2019.

In this issue, among other interesting articles, full attention for the Caterpillar No.12 en 12M3 Motor Graders which in early 2019 where released by Diecast Masters in 1:50th scale in their "Evolution Series".

Last but least, Diorama construction which shows all the Tips and Tricks about making a rock face part. MUST READ!

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NEWS FLASH! The making of Caterpillar 963D SH Shiphold

26 December 2018

Scale model builders Gertjan and Wouter have both started with the building a custom scale model using parts from a 3D printed kit.

  • Caterpillar 963D SH Shiphold/Port Handling Track Loader

Today is the start of this "Making of Caterpillar 963D SH Shiphold/Port Handling Track Loader". Both Gertjan and Wouter will take the coming period the original 3D Printed kit from Dirtboy's Customs in 1:50th scale in hand and make as we all know some major adjustments at some points and improves to end up as accurate as possible.

It is their goal for the coming period in the "The making of Caterpillar 963D SH Shiphold/Port Handling Track Loader” to show you how their customs model will be achieved.

Gertjan and Wouter will share their building skills through its construction photos with little notes to keep you informed of the building process. Gradually it shows the making of a unique model of the Caterpillar 963D SH Shiphold/Port Handling Track Loader and a welcome addition to their Caterpillar collections!

Enjoy reading & watching!

Gertjan and Wouter

Curious? Click on the photo!


ANNOUNCEMENT! Caterpillar 770 [Diecast Masters 1:50]

24 December 2018

Diecast Masters has in accordance of the first annoucement of the 2018 line up announcend the next new to release Caterpillar scale model available from Q1-2019 in their 1:50th scale diecast "Core Classics Series":

  • Caterpillar 770 Off-Highway Truck #85551c

The Caterpillar 770 Off-Highway Truck in 1:1 th scale is equipped with a Caterpillar C15 ACERT engine delivering 476hp Net Power. The truck has a operating Weight of 157.000lb and a Body Capacity of 32.9yd3 which creates nominal Payload Class of 40 tons.

The Caterpillar 770 Off-Highway Truck is the first Diecast Masters model to be released in their "Core Classic Series". Like the 1:1 machine, it is the smaller version of the Caterpillar 772 Off-Highway Truck that was already released in 2009 by Norscot under #55147.

Direct eyecatcher is, just like with its bigger brother 772, the centrally positioned cab. Other key Features of the Caterpillar 70 Off-Highway Truck are its detailed cab interior, including "Bob" the operator. Authentic Cat Machine Yellow paint and trade dress. Naturally the truck bed raises and lowers. Finishing touch are the grab bars, ladders and authentic trim detail. In one word: NICE!




NEWS FLASH! IMC Models Open House - MiniMovers DISCOUNT!

22 November 2018

On Saturday 1th december 2018 you are cordially invited to come by for a chat and a delicious cup of coffee at IMC Models in Houten.

You are welcome between 9:00am and 4:00pm at the IMC Models building at Peppelkade 23. In the IMC Models Construction models Webshop you will of course find the entire Caterpillar line from Diecast Masters. In addition, the TII Shop, Nooteboom Shop and Sarens Shop are also located at the same adress. There are also always a number of remnant and B-choice models that you can get at a sharp price.

Highlights for this weekend are the, recently released Caterpillar 349F Hydraulic Excavator and both Caterpillar D11T Track-Type Tractors.

In addition, IMC Models has a unique deal for all MiniMovers fans and you ONLY get an EXTRA DISCOUNT of 10% on the purchase price of your Caterpillar scale models on Saturday December 1th, 2018 during this IMC Models Open House!

Curious? Drop by and grab your DISCOUNT!


SPOTLIGHT! Caterpillar 944 in Laster & Bagger 6-2018

18 November 2018

The sixth and final edition in 2018 of Laster & Bagger will be out soon! The magazine presses are running while you are reading this. The Magazine will be available half way November 2018.

One of the highlights in this issue, among other interesting articles, is a new episode in the Model History brought by Thomas Wilk about the famous Caterpillar 944 Wheel Loader made by Ertl in 1:24th scale.

The Caterpillar Wheel Loader story begins in December 1959 with the 944 wheel loader, 100% designed by Caterpillar driven off the assembly line at the Caterpillar plant in Aurora, Illinois.

The 944 Wheel "Traxcavator", a 105 hp gas or diesel engine equipped with 2 yd³ bucket, was the culmination of a seven-year development effort and the beginning of Caterpillar’s leadership in the worldwide market of Wheel Loaders. Curious? Enjoy reading the full story!

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NEWS FLASH! "Classic Calendar 2019" [TCC]

16 November 2018

Out now and available is the new "Classic Calendar 2019". This unique calendar photographed and assembled in-house by Thomas Wilk contains beautiful pictures showing you a unique selection of the wide range of Golden Oldies and Classic Caterpillar Earthmoving equipment at work.

Very cool to get and also nice to give as gift: 2019 Up to date! This beautiful gift will cost you 18,86 Euro plus shipping and handling. Our advice: ORDER NOW!

Curious? Click on the link to the website: "Classic Calendar 2019"