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About Keystone Construction Diecast

Keystone Construction Diecast and Keystone Models Mfg are owned by Butch Diggins. Visit his recently new developed web site to get that hard to find odd and rare truck or construction model or custom kit which is still missing in your collecting.

Keystone Construction Diecast history


In 1999 Butch Diggins started his excavating business and then in 2004 started a trucking business with 3 tri-axle dump trucks hauling stone from a local quarry. Then began his interest in collecting models that represented the equipment that he was using. Soon he had all these models in his private collection and started buying and selling to other collectors.

In 2006 Keystone Construction Diecast web site was created. As business grew on the web site Butch closed the excavating and trucking business to devote more time to his hobby that had now became a business. In order to stay connected to the construction industry he joined the International Union of Operating Engineers as an equipment operator.

Since he gets bored easily he started getting kit models from ASAM in England to assemble. In 2009 Butch heard that ASAM was selling the American side of their modelling business. He was interested in making the kits and he made a trip to England and purchased all the American molds in January 2010. This is how Keystone Models Mfg was started.

Next needed was a new web site that collectors can get the hard to find models and custom kits. The new web site opened in Jan 2012 and it is very exciting to be a part of the modelling world says proud owner Butch Diggins.

Stay tuned to his website and follow his Web Site News for the latest updates and news from Keystone Construction Diecast.


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