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About Otter Bro Customs


Otter Bro Customs (OBC) is formed by Chris, Jim and Gary Otter. All three brothers are very talented custom scale model builders. Their main focus are small runs and unique one of a kind (Caterpillar) scale models on request. During work hours they are also partners in the full size construction work company Gary Otter Const. Co. Inc. where the three brothers jointly their everyday living earn.

Models Otter Bro Customs

Under the name Otter Bro Customs (OBC) appear regularly exclusive custom built models that allows you to add another unique replica Caterpillar model to your collection.

If you want to stay informed about the latest developments, be timely informed when a new model will be available check out frequently this website. Do you want to know more about one of these models please contact Otter Bro Customs. They are directly accessible through e-mail:

Custom Models

At present, the following built scale models are custom built:


Caterpillar CT660 with Vactor 2100 Plus PD Combination Sewer Cleaner


Caterpillar CT660 with XS 800 Hi Pro knuckle boom crane


Caterpillar 3516B Generator set


Caterpillar 3512C HD Engine

My website "" and the "M" logo and shortname "MINIMOVERS" used on Twitter, Youtube and Blogger are not related or afflicted with Caterpillar Inc. in any way.