Have you already scheduled this day in your diary? Saturday, March 16th, 2019 the 28st Modelshow Europe will be held in the flowerauction "Plantion" nearby the city Ede in the Netherlands. Mark your calendars and make your reservations. It will be a BLAST!

On this special exhibition one can once again see all kinds of miniatures and model construction projects in the field of earthmoving, cranes and heavy transport. This Modelshow Europe exhibition is unique by its grand design and the only one in Europe.

Many collectors and builders show on the Modelshow Europe their (rebuilt and/or radio controlled) models. Also a wide range of miniatures and related components for the model are offered for sale.

To download the Flyer? Just click on the picture!


FanKit Models

FanKit Models is developing and producing miniatures at different scales (1/50, 1/35, 1/72) from civilian- and military vehicles and construction equipment. All products are handmade from resin using different accessories, professional airbrush paint, and are as detailed as possible in accordance with the scale used.

FanKit Models has announced to release in 2019 a new unique scale model in 1:50th scale:

  • Caterpillar DW21 with No.21 Wheel Tractor-Scraper

In the upcoming “Making of…” I will add progress photos and dimensional details. Final sales price and the delivery schedule date of this custom built scale model will be posted on our Website when available. Most likely the introduction will take place during the Modelshow Europe 2019.

This next knock out model of the Caterpillar DW21 Wheel Tractor-Scraper will be available in very limited numbers.

If you are interested in this built scale model of the Caterpillar DW21 Wheel Tractor-Scraper it is important to respond with your (but still non-binding) PRE ORDER by e-mail to fankitmodels@yahoo.com. Only then you can be assured that the model is also produced effectively for you.

More information about their unique scale models which are custom made in a very limited editions? Click on the link and visit the FanKit Models website.


To give you a small glimps: Work in progress! FanKit Models is working on the master of the Caterpillar DW21 with No.21 Scraper.....


.....To be continued!