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About Hermann Müller Modellbau (HMM)


Hermann Müller Modellbau is a German custom scalemodel builder he produces unique handmade construction equipment and worktools in 1:50th scale in short runs.

He often makes use of a donor model as the basis for his scale models, but also just as easy decide to develop and produce a scale model or work tool entirely in house.

Models Hermann Müller Modellbau

Under the name Hermann Müller Modellbau appear regularly exclusive small series built models that allows you to add another unique replica (Caterpillar) model to your collection. If you want to stay informed about the latest developments, be timely informed when a new model or worktool will be released check out frequently this website.

Do you want one to order one of his models or ask him to build you a one of a kind model please contact Hermann Müller. He is directly accessible through e-mail:

Available Models

The latest project of Hermann Müller Modellbau is the MultDocer Cargo Handler 74D.


I know for sure I want one in my collection! And you?

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