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The Caterpillar D3C SA Track-Type Tractor was introduced as the D3B SA successor and was manufactured only in Japan. The machine has a Caterpillar 3204 Diesel, four cylinder diesel engine that produces 110 flywheel HP. The Operating Weight is 15.875 lb.Maximum forward speed is 4.7 MPH and reverse speed is 3.7 MPH. Drawbar Pull Forward is 16.820 lb.

SA is the abbreviation for Special Application. Derived from the Caterpillar D3 Crawler Dozer is the "SA" implementing a very powerful and versatile Agricultural Tractor on tracks.

The D3C SA was given a 7JF serial number prefix. Production ceased in 1989 The Caterpillar D3C SA was not replaced by a D3 SA series successor.