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MINIMOVERS scalemodels - Caterpillar 320B Hydraulic Excavator
18 Apr 2022
  • Number: TJ-320B
  • Manufacturer: Custom
  • Scale: 1:50
  • Year: 2008

Caterpillar 320B Hydraulic Excavator

The Caterpillar 320B Hydraulic Excavator with Thumb in 1:50th scale was custom built by Tony James in 2008.

At the end of last year I was able to become from DHS Diecast Collectables in the USA this unique custom scale model and it was sent to the Netherlands together with some very neat DHS goodies. Thanks Michelle S!

This custom scale model of the Caterpillar 320B Hydraulic Excavator with Thumb in Scale 1:50 was adapted at the time in a small series based on the Caterpillar 325B. Released by NZG under article number #367 and rebuilt by Tony James from Canada. First impression: MINI MASTERPIECE and what a nice addition to my Caterpillar 320 series Hydraulic Excavators.


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