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MINIMOVERS scalemodels - Caterpillar PS-300B Compactor
2 Apr 2019
  • Number: KCP042
  • Manufacturer: Custom
  • Scale: 1:50
  • Year: 2014
Collection » Compactors » PS-300 » PS-300B » Custom

Caterpillar PS-300B Compactor

The Caterpillar PS-300B Pneumatic Tire Compactor in 1:50th scale is custom made by Creatpshop in 2014 with KCP042.

Creatpshop is a small French company, owned by Elie Pinocheau, which produces limited series models of rare and special road construction machinery, trucks and accessories which you certainaly might see if you travel across the French roads and bump in to road construction work in Progress.

This Caterpillar PS-300B Pneumatic Tire Compactor in 1:50th scale is made of resin material and is custom built by Elie in the original Caterpillar factory version but can also be supplied in a specific company colors upon request. Build yourself? Then order the kit under number #KC042.

Enjoy the first photos! And stay tuned for more!


If you are in the possession of photos or additional background information like brochures or specsheets about the 1:1 PS-300B Pneumatic Tire Compactor I would be happy if you send your response to

I am particularly looking for the original English specsheet.